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”Valentino Rossi the Game” will be released on 21st September

  • 12/07/2016

Intergrow, a company that specializes in games and mobile contents will be releasing ”Valentino Rossi the Game” on the 21st of September. ”Valentino Rossi the Game” is a full-fledged motorcycle race game developed for PS4 by MileStone Inc..

”Valentino Rossi the Game” is a MotoGP official video game focused on Valentino Rossi, known as ”The Doctor” who is a living legend of the motor sports world.

In addition to the usual MotoGP series, it offers experiences on dirt tracks, drifting in the Misano World Circuit, YAMAHA R1M Race and Monza Rally. They have also made a spotlight on the history of training in the motor sports field to offer the most attractive MotoGP game ever.

You will be able to experience various training skills that Rossi has experienced.

”Valentino Rossi the Game”


The bright yellow 2016 MotoGP official video game offers numerous additional game modes.

This year, in addition to the original game that has attracted many fans, the game is loaded with up-to-date 2016 MotoGP data. In the game you can compete with 90 legendary riders additionally added to the list. It also includes 18 Moto official circuits including the Red Bull Ring of Austria.

By featuring Valentino Rossi, winner of the MotoGP World Championship for nine times, various game modes have been newly added. Valentino Rossi will train you for the MotoGP.


*Dirt Track at Valentino Rossi’s Ranch
*Drift at Misano World Circuit & YAMAHA R1M Race
*Monza Rally

160708_106 160708_107 160708_108

The 500cc, 250cc and 125cc vehicles that have painted the history of the past twenty years are included in a maximum scale. But that was just not enough for them to review the past so they added five revolutional tracks so that fans can enjoy their favorite era.

Win the TT Circuit Assen Race (2002) and revive racing experiences of the past at the Phakisa Freeway (2004). You’ll also be able to experience the 2015 season which was a blistering race which Spanish rider Jorge Lorenzo won champion.

You’ll be able to ride the machine of the time and compete with Valentino Rossi and other champions. This game will offer you the opportunity to compete in present and past races held at the MotoGP.

Welcome to the world of MotoGP where only riders who have trained themselves to the limit are allowed to challenge.


Product Information

Name: Valentino Rossi the Game
Category: Motor Sports Racing
No. of Players: Offline: 1 to 2 people/Online: max. 12 people
Released Date: Wednesday 21st September
Compatible Device: Playstation4
Ages: CERO A (For all ages)
Packaged Software: 7,980 YEN + Tax
Download Version: 7,980 YEN (Tax Included)


Valentino Rossi: The Doctor Series Episode 1/5


PS4 ”Valentino Rossi the Game” The History of MotoGP

Original Source [ Intergrow ](*Japanese)

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