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[TRICKSTAR H2R Project T.O.T. Final]

  • 13/12/2018

Taste of tsukuba final race results

Team Name: “Webike TRICKSTAR Racing”

Machine: Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Rider: Erwan Nigon

Preliminary: 6th place

Final: 6th place

The vehicle that caused the oil leak on the way out of the race was interrupted red flag but It became a 2 heat system and it was able to run out safely both heat in 6th place.

The race was delayed as it was last time, but there was a red flag suspension on the way, and it came to be said that it was over while it was said that it was a development that it contacted in the corner after the restart and was delayed further.

Although Erwan, who originally had a track record of ranking 3 in the World Endurance Series, is good at racing in the long track, the start of the monster machine H2R seemed to be weak.

The result was not satisfactory, but the Erwan Nigon who came from France had a good run.Thank you very much for your good work.

However, if you think about it now, I felt that it was not enough time to fit the setting because the special sports running of Friday was almost without running, and there was a place where I felt a little regret honestly.

However, he fought the final really well while twisting the machine over 300hp in such a situation.
(It requires Intense acceleration of up to 250km in a short straight line and easy front jumping or just running while balancing the machine spree

slide is a high technology and physical strength.)

If we simply build a bike that is easy to ride, and the only aim for time and results, we can do it with a different approach, but in the first place we have significance in fighting with the world’s fastest machine “H2R”, and the value of our project is there.

In other words, it is our “Taste” that we seek in this race.

If you come to the circuit and see it, I think that the power was sufficiently transmitted.

That said, we have completed our 2018 Taste of Tsukuba, but we would like to continue the next challenge.

Lastly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of our sponsors, including Webike, who have supported us in our participation, our team crew, and everyone who supported us. Thank you very much.

Trickstar H2R project continues.

Thank you for all.

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