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TRICK STAR Racing 2019 Race Organization Announcement

  • 02/04/2019


2019 EWC World Endurance Road Race Championships will start from April 20th, the second round of the series “Le Mans 24H Endurance Race”.

Last August, they announced their full participation in the 2018-19 EWC World Endurance Road Race Series, and won second place in the SST class and 8th place overall in the first race Bol d’or 24H Endurance Race.

EWC ピット EWC走行写真 2 EWC走行写真

This year, they will continue to participate in the race as “Webike Tati Team TRICK STAR” that is collaborated with Tati Team and sponsored by Webike.

There are no major changes in the system or rider, but this year we will step up the machine from SST class to EWC class and we will aim for the top at a higher level.

Julien Kevin 出口修

In 2018, in the first round Bol d’ Or 24H Endurance Race, they challenged with 3 riders: TRICK STAR Ace Rider Osamu Deguchi, Julien Enjolras and Kevin Denis of Tati Team who won SST class title. While it was possible to say that the joint test was also satisfied in the first collaboration, they communicated well, and in the final, they overcame trouble and the team show a high performance and won the 2nd place in class.

The first race this year, they will also challenge with the same Organization to the second round in the series, “24 Hours of Le Mans Endurance Race” .

By changing the machine to the EWC class, they tested the new machine vigorously from February and will perform in April as well as Bol d’Or, and they will achieve the best results with the overall strength of the team.

In order to get the series title, they will continue to do the best, please give us your warmest support this year as well.

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