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The Overseas Test Ride Bulletin of Moto Guzzi “V85TT”! The Comfortable Motorcycle!


[Kenny Sagawa: Webike News Editor in Chief]

The motorcycle that keeps the atmosphere of the 1980’s rally and equipped with the latest mechanics.

This week, we are at the international test drive for Moto Guzzi’s new model “V85TT”. The venue is one of Thailand’s leading resorts, the area around Phuket island. Roads are well maintained with the atmosphere of a tropical country rich in nature, but when you leave the city one step, the deep unexplored jungle spreads out.

Moto Guzzi positions the “V85TT” as a classic travel enduro. A somewhat nostalgic adventure that combines an air-cooled vertical 90-degree V-twin OHV 2-valve with an engine whose basic layout has not changed for many decades, combined with the latest motorcycle body and electronic control, and finished with the image of 1980’s Rally motorcycle.

It is not clear from the appearance, but actually, the engine is a completely new design and has 853cc engine displacement same as V9 Bobber, and the maximum power is greatly improved to 80ps.

You can enjoy the best dialogue with the motorcycle

“The engine is a complete low to medium speed torque type with 3000rpm to 5000rpm. First of all, it climbs a gentle winding, but it feels like the feel of the rear wheel that kicks off the road surface riding on the gentle V-twin vibration. Therefore, if you try to pull up to the greed, the engine will suffer, so you will naturally shift up early. The sense of running while working the motorcycle. We felt once again that it is the attraction of Moto Guzzi is that you can still taste the “”dialogue with a motorcycle”” which has become thin in recent models. We were relieved to see that such emotional beauty is well-received even in the latest model that we refined, and we are happy.

The feeling that there is no excess or deficiency

On the other hand, the V85TT also has modern chassis and electronic controls to back wet up, such as double disc brakes with inverted forks and radial calipers, ABS and Traction Control, full-color TFT display, and three types of riding modes, etc. Therefore, the run is steady and there is also a feeling of grade. And above all, it’s a good sense of moderate size and moderate power, so it’s good to have a feeling that you can control it with confidence. Wet has a good sense of ride and kind to the rider. So you can run without stress anywhere at a good pace and without getting tired.

The fun of off-road is more than imagined.

Most of the test ride course is paved but we had the opportunity to run off-road in places. What was surprised us is the high off-road performance. We tried to make a small gap and run at a place like a forest road in Japan, but I was able to run smoothly with a steady run even if I left the bike relatively. Especially in the “Off-road” mode, the power performance, ABS, and Traction Control settings are optimized for dirt use and recommended despite of the classical appearance, “Oh, It’s powerful!” Is our frank impression. We also enjoyed off-road riding than I could ever imagined.

This time, I used the “Sahara Yellow” model with an impressive red frame, but this is a traditional color that homages the old V65TT that ran the Paris Dakar Rally. There was a sense of fashion even in the uncouth and it seemed to shine in the city riding. It wasn’t just a spec, it was a feeling that was a pleasant companion who appealed to the sensibility!

Detailed impressions will be uploaded soon with video, so stay tuned!

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