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The new Monkey 125 Custom of SP Takegawa 181cc has been launched!


A custom machine of the new Monkey 125 ahead of the release on July 12, 2018 was exhibited at the Monkey Meeting held on April 29. Exhibitors are special parts famous as monkey custom males Mukawa river, high performance tune such as 181cc engine is given.

The strongest monkey that was not exhibited in Thailand

The official announcement of Monkey in Thailand was held at the Bangkok Motor Show last March, and the new color variations and custom machines were exhibited in the previous article.There were also kitsukaku in Japan etc, but there was no machine of SP Takegawa. However, SP Takegawa, the monkey custom male, has not developed anything that it has not developed and it was taken to be released for the first time at the Monkey Meeting last 29 April.

It is a published machine like SP Takegawa and high performance system. Even at 50 monkeys, there are only manufacturers who make desmodromic heads of DOHC 4 valves, especially in engines. Since the engine of Grom and the Monkey 125 are basically the same type, the parts that the SP Takegawa has developed so far are fully charged, and the displacement is expanded to 181 cc. Along with that, the Big Throttle Body Kit, Injection Controller and Basic muffler have arranged intake and exhaust.

It is consistent as a tough SP Takegawa customized Monkey 125. The right cover, which was dry-formatted with the special clutch kit for the 5th speed cross mission, seemed to look very fast. With the 4-valve super head + R booster kit, the displacement is 181cc, and measures are taken with a 4 fin oil cooler kit. By the way, the fuel is designated as high octane.

Rear Shock Adjustable

The foot is reinforced by the height of the motorcycle, the damping force, the rear shock which can adjust the preload and the aluminum swing arm. The seat which was normal fluffy is in finished with the waisted tack roll sheet + grab bar. Also, in normal, R. side covers were made from ABS resin in the empty space by making down type that the up exhaust system was mounted on the right side. Since the shape of the side cover conforms to standard, it can be blended into the machine and finished to a natural appearance. In addition, R. side cover is scheduled to be released in three kinds, black, carbon print, plated film.

Aluminum machined alumite finish 4 position Spartep kit comes with brake hose. Aluminum swing arm and aluminum chain guard are shiny with buffing finish. The grab bar is chrome-plated.

Addition of tachometer also added for electric system

The new Monkey 125 Custom of SP Takegawa will introduced machined parts and lights to each part and it can be said that it is the highest level of completion at the present time. They also prepared an analog type tachometer for Monkey 125 for the meters that they specialize in SP Takegawa and a compact LED thermometer kit for the handle clamp part. The blinker makes the lens color smoke, and the power around the handle is up with the LED fog lamp kit.

A tachometer is added to the cockpit and it is a lacy atmosphere at a stretch. Actually, it is down fender, the fork bracket and the fender fixing stay have become alumite finish of aluminum scraping out. The fog lamp was installed offset to the left side of the handle.

Shooting: Satoshi Mayumi

Original Source[ YOUNG MACHINE ](*Japanese)

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