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Thailand GPX made DEMON 150 GR (Demon 150 GR) will release domestically at 340,000 yen

  • 21/01/2019

At first glance, I thought “That certain foreign-made SS is a small version?” In reality, this is the DEMON 150 GR (Daemon 150 GR) that the Thai GPX sends out. In Japan, Tsukisaki Racing is the motherboard GPX JAPAN imports and sells This machine landed in the country.

Thai popular car full of equipment as well as style

Demon 150 GR (Daemon 150 GR) full of play like a small foreign SS made as it is a popular full cowl mini in Thailand. Just saying that it is made in Asia, she did not make exterior only SS style. The vertical 149 cc air-cooled single cylinder mounted frame is a full-scale steel truss structure with a swing arm also stretched. The inverted fork at the front is made by KYB. And headlights and blinkers are all LEDs and other features such as full-scale build and high texture are also features.

Speaking of characteristics, one more thing. Although it is a mini size, the front and rear wheels are 14 inches. In Japan it is not familiar to anything other than a scooter, but this is not too small and realizes exquisite car rating that is not too big. It is convenient for everyday use in the city and it is sure to be able to taste SS feeling coolly. Moreover, the price is reasonable 340 3440 yen. It is a machine that is tickled heartily from youth first bike to veteran second motorcycle. It will be on sale domestically from this January and will be exhibited at ’99 Spring Tokyo Motorcycle Show. In addition, details of machine commentary and test drive impression etc. are posted on March issue of Young Machine 2019 (released on January 24).

[GPX DEMON 150 GR domestic price: 34 34 3440 yen] Although it is like a small design of Ducati · Pa ○ Garret, the way of balancing is outstanding. The car body size is one size larger than the 1755 × 730 × 1000 mm of the Honda GROM which is the 12-inch wheel, with the total length 1835 × the full width 750 × the total height 1050 mm, the presence is also sufficient.

The eyebrow – like DRL (day running light) and full LED headlight are producing 150cc class and unexpected appearance.

Unlike Grom or the like, the engine is vertical and adopts 149 cc of air-cooled 4-stoh OHC 2 valve. The maximum output is 11ps and conservative, but the mission adopts 6th gear. Intake air is a carburetor system.

The frame is also a full-fledged SS truss structure, and there is a lot of fighting. The pivot plate is not a metal part but a design that covers a resin cover on the frame.

Main Specifications ■ Total length 1835 Full width 750 Total height 1050 Axle distance 1230 Seat height 780 (each mm) Weight 130 kg ■ Air-cooled 4-stone single cylinder SOHC 4 valve 149 cc 11 ps / 7500 rpm 1.18 kg-m / 7500 rpm Transmission model 6-speed return fuel tank capacity 8 L tire F = 120/70 – 14 R = 140/70 – 14

Cooperation of Coverage:GPX JAPAN
Photo: Ken Tsurumi (Top)
※ Young machine rebuilt based on the article published in March 2019

Original Source[ Young Machine ] (*Japanese)

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