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[Test Ride Reviews] “CBR600RR,” the sexiest supersport in the history

  • 30/09/2016

I sometimes feel that MotoGP, the fastest motorcycle on the earth, is indescribably beautiful.

The body shape trimmed to the utmost limit, the tough frame and suspensions to receive the fastest speed, tires to send all the power to the road …

HONDA 600cc supersport CBR600RR also has the beauty of a MotoGP machine: the body shape having the same aura as RC211V which used to be strongest; the first center-up exhaust as a production vehicle, equipment passed by the champion machine.

Ten years since the debut. Though CBR shows few signs of the champion machine, the supersport has surely succeeded the spirit of RC-V. This means CBR has kept changing so as to remain on the top evermore.

It must be comfortable if you want to run fast. A machine and a rider must become one if you want to be comfortable — this is the spirit that CBR has taken over from RC-V.

002The passenger seat to be set on the stepped seat cowl like a racer. Its cross section shape of the seat and swell of the seat cowl shows that the seat is more passenger-friendly than the appearance. There is a U-shaped lock storage space under the passenger seat.
003The disc brake of large-diameter 310mm. The radial mount caliper is a technology succeeded from the GP machine. The inner tube of the inverted front fork has a diameter of 41mm. The caster angle has decreased than the previous model and the trail has increased.

The re-arrangement of the three axles of crank/counter/main shaft has created the new engine that is 30.5mm shorter in total. The forged piston and nutless connecting rod have reduced the weight of the engine itself by approximately 2kg, furthering the lightweight and compact engine.004Easily recognizable meter that combines an analog tachometer and a digital display. It includes eye-friendly amber-colored lighting, a speed meter, odo/twin trip, water temperature/fuel meter, and a clock. The handle has been raised by 10mm than the previous model, which has slightly improved comfort on tour and a city ride.005It was CBR600RR that adopted the center up exhasut, which was succeeded from RC211V, HONDA’s strongest MotoGP machine, for the first time. In the 2007 model, the layout and outlet were reviewed and a new stainless steel 4into1 exhaust has been designed.006The color of the swingarm has been changed into black. The disc rotor is Φ 220mm the same as the previous model. The swingarm length has been extended by 5mm in the 2007 model. On the rear suspension, preload and the rebound side/the compression side damping force are adjustable.007The rear wheel with rim width of 5.5 inch is 17 inch that is now a standard of sport motorcycles. The unit prolink rear suspension, of which the upper part is not connected with the vehicle body, has also been taken over from RC211V.

Original Source [Autoby] (*Japanese)

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