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[Test Ride Reviews] “CB400 SUPER FOUR” Proudly Reveals Itself with the New VTEC “REVO”


The main renewal point of the new CB00 SUPER FOUR/SUPER BOL D’OR is its fuel injection system. The main purpose of this adoption is to make it conform to the latest emission regulation. Its new stainless steel exhaust system places two catalyzers to where the exhaust pipes are bundled, in order to clear the regulatory values. In addition to that, it fully takes advantage of the injection system to upgrade its starting performance, idling stability, or its throttle response. The silencer itself is made bigger and quieter.

The conventional HYPER-VTEC SPEC 3 is being evolved into HYPER-VTEC Revo. The HYPER-VTEC technology switches the number of the used valves, from two to four, depending on the rotational speed: 6300rpm for the 1st to 5th gears, and 6750rpm for the 6th gear. In addition to this, HYPER-VTEC Revo has newly added the accelerator position to its controlling element.

Even if the rotational speed exceeds 6300rpm for the 1st to 5th gears, it will keep on using two valves up till 6750rpm if the accelerator position is below its standard value. On the other hand, if the accelerator position surpasses the accelerator position when the rotation speed is below 6300rpm, it will instantly move on to 4-valve operation. As for the 6th gear, it will control this movement regardless of the accelerator position, and it will switch over to 4-valve operation at 6750rpm. In this way, it keeps balance between fuel efficiency and accelerating performance in a sophisticated manner.

The engine also comes with a silver finishing; the first model of its series to have this color. It emphasizes its firm and solid impression by reducing the number of dummy fins and by having a newly designed crankcase cover. Concurrently, the engine has reduced its weight by 2kg.

In terms of the vehicle body, the rigidity balance of the frame and the swing arm has been revised. Few changes are made to the exterior design and the graphics follow the basic style of the current model. Still, it enhances the uniformed image from its fuel tank to the tail cowl, by changing the routing or the thickness of the sub lines and by adopting the same color as its body for the side cover.

A “Combined ABS” specification has also been added to its line. It is a system which combines the linked brake system, that allocates the applied amount of the rear brake to the front wheel automatically and ideally, with the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) that prevents the wheels from locking up in case of an abrupt braking.

001 It inherits the sporty and light design of the former model. It adopts a new color and a color order plan, in which the customer can choose the color he likes, to its line. The picture shows the ABS spec model.002The unit combines analog and crystal liquid displays. The FI related signals are added to the center warning lamps and the turn signal indications have been moved under the meters.003The customer can choose a model with a “Combined ABS” that has a linked brake system. It is an equipment that improves the stability in case of abrupt braking. The fine slits inside the rotor are for that control sensor.004Parts like the rear suspension are the same as the former model. Silencer also looks alike the conventional type at first, but its size is made bigger to suppress the exhaust noise. 005The conventional side covers were black, but the new model ones are colored to make it have an uniform impression.006The engine itself is based on the Hyper VTEC SPEC3 that has a good reputation, and its potential has been upgraded by making it FI spec. Its exterior design has been renewed to present functional beauty, and its steel exhaust has been replaced to a stainless steel one with superior texture.

Original Source [Autoby] (*Japanese)

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