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[Test Ride & Report] Tantalizing Adventure Sports Models!

  • 27/05/2016

[ Kenny Sagawa, Webike News Chief Editor ]

Reports on Test Rides of Adventure Sports Models

Adventure Models have become popular these last few years. They offer high speed cruising performance to comfortably travel long distances and perform good run-through trackless roads. They are touring models packed with adventure.

It seems that recently categories have been further subsidized. For instance models like HONDA CRF1000L Africa Twin offer more full-fledge off-road performance. On the other hand models like Adventure Sports Models focus on road sport.

Today I’d like to introduce you three popular Adventure Sports Models that were presented at the JAIA Import Motorcycle Test Ride Event.

Overwhelming Power and Distinguished Sports Performance


160520_12 160520_13

The BMW S1000XR was released last summer. The vehicle combines innovative technology of Super Sport S1000RR and touring performance of the R1200GS series.

High performing 4 Cylinder Engine is mounted to the solid body and combined with long stroke front an rear suspension. It will offer both high speed cruising performance on the autobahn and excellent high level run-through performance on rough roads.

160520_14 160520_15

The sharp front structure featuring a superior windproof windshield is inherited from R1200GS and raised tail section and dual headlight are inherited from S1000RR combining concepts of both models.

160520_16 160520_17

You will be surprised with the outperforming speed. It performs 160ps at maximum peak typical with Straight 4 Engines and offers sharp revving that you get when you’re on S1000RR Super Bikes.

Due to the selectable riding mode it will offer various rides that range from daily rides to sporty rides that can be changed in an instant depending on the situation.


160520_19 160520_20

On the S1000XR, it’s like S1000RR with long suspension strokes. The vehicle can be easily handled even during pillion rides. And the 790mm low seat also attracts attention.

160520_21 160520_22

The Ultimate Universal Machine that Can Challenge Off roads.


The MULTISTRADA1200 is based on the concept ”4 Bikes in 1”. Performances of four different motorcycle categories have been combined from ”City Tourer”, ”Long Distance Tourer” ”High Performing Sports Bike” and ”Enduro Model” which can be changed in an instant with a touch of a button.


160520_26 160520_27

The latest model, the third version released last year offers better daily performance due to its advanced electronic modulated system ”Ducati Skyhook Suspension” and ”Testastretta DVT Engine” that is equipped with variable valve systems that increases torque at low speed.

160520_36 160520_28

The width of the variable seat has also been modified and can be lowered 800mm offering many riders a more comfortable riding position. The handle angle has increased 40 degrees on each side (originally was 38 degrees) and allows easy U turns at narrow alleys.

160520_34 160520_30

The highlight would be off-road performance. It can run through muddy forest roads with wide open throttle. The Bosch & Brembo Cornering ABS is also reliable when braking at full bank.

It is equipped with thick rear seat and grab bar for pillion rides as well. The vehicle is awesomely versatile.

160520_31 160520_32

The Ultimate Tandem Model that Comfortably Extends Distance


160520_38 160520_39

”CAPONORD 1200” is the first professional Sports Adventurer from Aprilia. It is a high-tech machine loaded with technology cultivated from top races like WGP and the World Superbike Championship and offers 125ps with its V-twin 1,197cc engine. The truss steel pipe frame has excellent rigidity balance and offers supple rides which are also fascinating.

160520_40 160520_41

Standardly the vehicle is fully equipped with Electronic Control, Ride-by-wire Engine Mapping inherited from RSV4, ATC(Aprilia Traction Control), ADD(Aprilia Dynamic Damping Control System) and Cruise Control.

The semi active suspension is deserved to be acknowledged. It picks up information of road surface conditions and riders operating information and instantly adjusts damping force of the front and rear suspension.


160520_43 160520_44

This model would obviously be categorized as a touring model among the three new models and is merely focused on driving performance on streets. As you can see, it’s named “Travel Pack”, you can enjoy riding with a passenger on winding road and high speed long cruising equipped pannier cases.


160520_46 160520_47

All models are attractive. It might be better to test ride the model that fulfills your needs as an ”Adventure Sports Model”, not as just an Adventurer Model.

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