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SUZUKI GSX-S1000F Test Ride Impression (Part 1: Specification in Detail)


SUZUKI GSX-S1000 / GSX-S1000F has been a good sale record all over the world since the advent of 2015. In order to explore the reason, I’d like to think again about the unique charm of GSX-S, by getting into full-cowl specification F which is the main sales in the Japanese market this time.

It is optimized for public road sports based on successive GSX-R1000.


[SUZUKI GSX-S1000F ABS (Glass Sparkle Black / Candy Darling Red) Including Tax Vehicle Price: 118,8840 yen]


GSX-S1000 / GSX-S1000F which have been selling since 2015 is not simpl detuned model of the same year’s GSX-R1000. While being based on the successor GSX-R1000 series, optimization of each part is done for street sports.


(Left) Glass Sparkle Black (Right) Glass Sparkle Black / Triton Blue Metallic


(Left) The base of the engine is K5-8 of long stroke than K9 and later. In order to install it on the GSX-S, weight reduction of piston + ring, the introduction of the slipper clutch, review of valve timing, etc. are being carried out. (Right) The short type exhaust is designed exclusively. It tells me exhilarating and exhilarating exhaust sounds to the extent that I can not imagine being genuine.


(Left) GSX-S1000F ABS: Aluminum Twin Spar Frame, which was optimized as street sports, was designed exclusively for GSX-R1000L 2.5 (L6 also has the same basic configuration) as the development base. The GSX-S1000 / F is set to 25° / 100 mm / 1460 mm while the L2.5 caster / trail / wheelbase was 23.5° / 98 mm / 1405mm. The seat height of 810mm is common to both motorcycles. (Right: GSX-R1000 [2015]) ‘Since its debut in 2001, GSX-R1000 series which won numerous crowns in races around the world. One of the completed forms was L2-6 sold in 2012 – 2016.


(Left) The cartridge type Φ43mm inverted fork is based on the earlier model than GSX-R1000 L1, which is made by KYB. (Right) It is diverting left and right asymmetrical aluminum cast swing arm for L2.5 as it is.


(Upper left and right) The front fork is a fully adjustable that feels the commitment of the development team. (Bottom left and right) On the other hand, does the rear shock assumes conversion to aftermarket parts? It is with an unexpectedly simple configuration, the adjustment mechanism is only preloading and extension side damping force.


(Left) The visibility of the LCD meter is very good, and the moment / average fuel consumption and cruising distance can be displayed at the bottom. Between the gear position indicator and the water temperature gauge is a gauge of 4-stage adjustable traction control. (Right up and down) The switch box is simple. The display content of the meter including the level of the traction control can be switched with the MODE / SEL button on the left-hand side.


(Left) It is exquisite fitting of fuel tank + side cover and lower body, it can be used effectively as a tool for hold & load movement of motorcycle body. (Right) The main part of the seat securing a flat seating surface is quite comfortable to sit on. However, is the pillion seat a little small … ?.


(Left) The back of the pillion seat has 2 retractable straps. In the tail cowl, there is a storage space considering the ETC unit. (Right) The in-vehicle tools are 7-items of L type Hexagon Wrench x2pcs., Replacement Type Driver, Spanner x2pcs., Pliers, Hook Wrench for rear shock + Extension Bar.


Riding position: Although it is easier than GSX-R, the riding attitude of GSX-S is setting that emphasizes sports riding. Compared with the general sports tourer, the steering wheel is low, and the knee bending is tight (Height 170cm, Weight 70kg)

GSX-S1000F Main Specification

Vehicle Name GSX-S1000F
Overall Length × Overall Width × Overall Weight (mm) 2115×795×1180
Axle Distance (mm) 1460
Seat Height (mm) 810
Vehicle Weight (kg) 214
Engine Model Water-cooled 4-stroke parallel four-cylinder DOHC 4 valve
Total Engine Displacement (cc) 998
Max Power (ps / rpm) 148/10000
Max Torque (kgf · m / rpm) 10.9/9500
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 17
Transmission Type 6-stages Return
Caster Angle (Degree) / Trail Amount (mm)
Front Brake Double Disc
Rear Brake Disc
Front Tire Size 120/70ZR17
Rear Tire Size 190/50ZR17
Color Glass Sparkle Black / Candy Darling Red
Glass Sparkle Black
Glass Sparkle Black / Triton Blue Metallic
Tax-included Motorcycle Body Price 118, 58840 yen

• Sentence by: Tomohiko Nakamura • Photo by: Taku Oka / Satoshi Mayumi
*It is reconfigured based on the article published in the February issue of Young Machine 2019.

Original Source[ Young Machine ] (*Japanese)

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