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Stunt riding with KTM Duke390 customized by nest


A few month ago , I rode the KTM Duke390 that fully customized by motorcycle shop nest and demo model of this shop for shooting their promotion movie. 

I headed to HSR Kyushu Circuit at Kumamoto prefecture close to Mt Aso.
We did not have enough time for the practice because our shooting time was just one day. So , I had to start to practice immediately when arrived at HSR. First I changed handlebar position , lever position , during setting.

After just small setting, I rode the Duke 390, but my first impression was different from my expectation. It was super good bike for stunt riding.
Usually stunt riding is very hard riding . That’s why we always need a lot of modification for the riding. But I could make some tricks on totally stock condition.

Because engine feeling was very controllable , suspension is very nice , brake have enough stopping power and good riding position.
I think this bike is next generation bike for beginner of stunt riding.
Once , we had ridden 250cc motard bike such as XR250 , D-tracker and WR250 for beginner training. Of course these bikes are still good for stunt riding but KTM Duke 390 is better than those bikes.


Controllable engine makes wheelie easy.

390cc engine power makes drifting easy.

Road model’s front suspension gives enough grip for the stoppie.

And also gives good traction on the wet condition.

Road position was similar to feeling of my ZX6R. I could make bunny hop!!

KTM characteristic was perfect for the stunt riding.
I will show you other pictures!!

One hand drift


No problem in the heavy rain condition at all.
Controllable bike and light body make so easy to do stunt in the bad condition.

If you wanna try stunt riding , I strongly recommend you this bike!!

Mr Sauda , Thank you for giving me good opportunity!!

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