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“Street Bodywork for Z900RS”, a Magical Racing to carbonized the entire body of Z


[Big Machine Zero: Reported & Photo by: Daisuke Hakozaki

Z900RS debuted in classic styles such as round headlights and a teardrop tank. The popularity is still ongoing. Its Z900RS exclusive carbon body parts have been released from the Magical Racing Company.

Sharp silhouette by carbon body parts

Speaking of Magical Racing Company, it has been released a wide range of high-quality body parts, ranging from super sports to naked motorcycles, based on the know-how and high technology that has been feedback from the racing field.

The exclusive body parts of this Z900RS also used high strength and lightweight carbon that is good at Magical Racing and adopted sporty and sharp style suitable for carbon design. In a original design, the tank to the side cover and tail cowl a wider, but they made a slimmer design.

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And it is also excellent in practicality. The visor screen significantly reduces fatigue during high-speed driving with high wind-proof effect. It has less effect on the handling of motorcycle because it is light carbon.

In addition, the radiator shroud keeps the engine condition stable by suppressing the water temperature rise when riding, and the front fender is also shaped like an inner tube guard. The rear fender longer than STD is also functional.

Of course, the point that can not be overlooked is the under cowl effect. It is also good to ride with a carbon material remains as the material prepares specification difference of plain weave carbon and twill weave carbon. It looks enjoyable by your own style, including the material.

Street Body Work for Z900RS

Visor Screen

▲ It reduces wind pressure and reduces fatigue during high-speed riding. The screen can be selected from clear, smoked and super coat.

Seat Side Cover

▲ It is finished with a slim and sharp silhouette image. There are 2 type of products that is with a duct in the photo and without a duct.

Rear Fender

▲ It corresponds with a 200 size tire. It is 80mm long and sharp silhouette than STD. It also has FRP specification.

Front Fender

▲ It is designed with the integrated shape of the fork guard, which wraps around the inner tube of the front fork.

Radiator Shroud

▲ It is used to efficiently guide the wind to the radiator when riding. It keeps stable water temperature and engine condition.

Tail Cowl/Rear Fender Eliminator Kit

▲ It is a design that makes the motorcycle body look longer.

Under Cowl

▲ It is up sporty with a feeling of moderate size. It corresponds to STD muffler. It also sets FPR specification.

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