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SP Takegawa has been released Tapered Cone Muffler for Z125 PRO


Target Vehicle
: Z125 PRO (BR125H-A02621-)

A down muffler that combines an exhaust pipe and silencer structure to bring out the engine performance and compact the entire muffler.
By attaching it, the exhaust efficiency is enhanced and the output performance of the engine is improved. The exhaust pipe and silencer are both made of stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance. The silencer is compactly combined with a tapered silencer that changes from a round shape to oval shape.
It is increasing the impact at the time of wearing by adopting a unique cone shape at the muffler end.

The surface of the silencer is buff polished. Built-in catalyst. Exhaust pipe gasket included.

About Japanese Government Certification Muffler
You can enjoy the muffler replacement with confidence because you have received the certification test and obtained the government certification.

Proximity Noise Volume: 85dB (A)
* It is limited to Japanese government certification when the target vehicle is normal.

Original Source[ SP TAKEGAWA ] (*Japanese)

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