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Reviving KATANA Legend #10 called a small sword …… 250 [KATANA COMPLETE FILE 1980-2019]


The lightweight, inspection-less sports world was as big as 250cc, but the friendliness was the best in the series.

The youngest brother of the Katana series loved by a wide range of users

With the GSX1100S as 100 and the dimensions of the body parts of the GSX250S in%, the overall length: 94%, overall width: 96%, height: 96%, wheelbase: 94%, seat height: 97%. The GSX250S was the most familiar model of the Katana series, although it may have a surprisingly large impression from this figure, and the GSX250S had a dry weight of only 160kg in a comfortable setting. The exhaust system is a 4-1 type set that is reminiscent of ED2, and the negative pressure type carburetor is BST29 (400 is BST32).

スズキ カタナ GSX250S

[SUZUKI GSX250S 1991] Main Specifications ■ Water-cooled in-line 4-cylinder DOHC4 valve 248cc 40ps/13500rpm 2.7kg-m/10000rpm 160kg (dry) tire size F = 110/70-17 R=140/70-17 *Japanese Specifications

The running is the latest, the sharpness is real

First of all, I was surprised to see the actual vehicle in front of me. There is a border that thinks of 1100 swords. Looking back, I feel like I’m really petite, but as much as 250, it’s a spacious size. The handlebar is a little far away and the atmosphere is excellent.

I was surprised when I started running. With sufficient low〜speed torque, it is attractive especially for intermediate acceleration from starting to 7000-8000rpm. There is no weight that comes from the appearance also handling, but lightness itself. It runs through the city with the Swiss. Front and rear suspension are a little soft eye, ride comfort is good. In addition, the front disc brake is single, but it is possible to lock the tire finely even with short braking from 60km/h, and the braking force and controllability are excellent.

And pass. Although the exterior remains old, the running is completely “latest”. I tried to attack the mountain pass with a number of Swords of 1100, 1000, and 750cc until now, but it was also true that I felt old compared to the latest motorcycle. For example, one of them is that the machine is delayed by one tempo from the action of the body. However, in the case of 250 Katana, you can cut back as you like. In addition, stability during turning has also been remarkably advanced, thick rear tire of 140/70-17, the footpeg is to produce a bank angle of about no longer half shaved.

The engine with reduced power to 40ps and an emphasis on ease of riding was in the red zone from 13,500rpm. However, it is more interesting to shift up 10,000rpm to the Med than to pull it by rotation, taking advantage of the thick torque, run in one step higher gear. The response is good, and the touch of the mission is the best. Regardless of absolute power, it is a very pleasant engine. That run is exactly the real thing. It is a sharpness that is not ashamed of the name of the sword.

(丸山 浩)

At the time of the first meeting, the tester was surprised at the size of the body unlike 250cc, but in the winding road acclaimed handling that is both light feeling and stability.

GSX250S スズキ

Although the original body color was only silver, red x silver was added later, also appeared limited edition vehicle gun meta. These 2 units had black engine and carburetor.

GSX250S スズキ


The engine based on the Bandit 250 side-drafted the intake passage. Camshaft and crank are designed exclusively for low and medium speed ranges.

The 17-inches front and rear wheels are three spokes reminiscent of the custom Katana that was in vogue at the time. Fork diameter 37mm, rear shock with a reserve tank. The front brake is the only single disc in the series (310mm floating) and the caliper is a two-piston-type one.

The full scale of the speedometer is 180km/h. The red zone of the tachometer is set at 6000rpm~(400 is 12500rpm~)

Except that the cover of the left and right are not visible, the view from the top is almost the same as 400. However, the handlebar grip position is slightly higher at 250.

See for the complete picture

Original Source[ Young Machine ] (*Japanese)

See SUZUKI Moto Index Page

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