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Relax and enjoy the MotoGP Japan Grand Prix! The indoor garden lounge ticket closest to the course will be released on June 1


▲ Victory Stand Garden Lounge (image)

Enjoy the powerful race watching at the 2019 FIM MotoGPTM World Championship Series Round 16 MOTUL Japan Grand Prix, which will be held from October 18 (Fri) to 20 (Sun), 2019, by Twin Link Motegi, and it will be comfortable The “Victory Stand Garden Lounge”, which also has an indoor lounge, is set up and tickets will be sold from June 1 (Saturday).

The Victory Stand Garden Lounge will be used in conjunction with the designated seats closest to the course facing the main straight and the watching and cheering seats of the Victory stand. You can enjoy watching the race on the stand, and enjoy meals and other activities in the adjacent indoor lounge except during the race.

One seat is prepared per person in a spacious garden-style lounge, and a full service including a lunch buffet and free drinks is provided.

From the press release below

Recommended points of the garden lounge

Point 1 Powerful watching game and award ceremony experience of entering the main straight!

Point 2 comfortable relaxation space and meal

We offer parking lot near point 3

Victory Stand Garden Lounge MAP

Victory Stand Garden Lounge Price

* All prices include tax


● V seat reserved seat watching ticket, Victory stand garden lounge admission
● Meal (Buffet) Lunch ※ Saturday and Sunday
● Free Drinks (including alcohol) ※ Saturday and Sunday
● Official Program, Official Result
● With three days Mobi Park Passport
● SSW3-4 turn parking ticket


* Please enter from the south gate.
* When using table seats in the garden lounge, they will be shared.
* Please watch the race from V seat. You can watch the race on the monitor in the Garden Lounge.
* Please note that the Super Speedway can not be parked at night.

How to buy

●It is mobility station limited sale.(
● After choosing your desired V seat at Mobility Station, please purchase a Garden Lounge ticket as an option.
● Garden lounges are common for people 3 years old and older. When purchasing at the age of 3 to junior high school students, select an adult (high school student or higher) V seat ticket and purchase a lounge ticket as an option.
● You can purchase additional Garden Lounge tickets even if you purchase only V seats at each store for Lawson Ticket Advance Sales, Yamaha Support Seats, and Honda Support Seats. Please purchase additional Garden Lounge tickets sold at Mobility Station.

Original Source[ [Mobility land] ]

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