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Reasons why I love LEATHERMAN’s multi tool!

  • 25/01/2019

This time, this is an introduction of an items that I regularly use.

Many of you may know the name “LEATHERMAN” but it is a synonym for multi tool that represents America.

Since it is found in 1983, we are close to the charm of LEATHERMAN multi tool which is patronized worldwide!



Tim Leatherman, the founder, will inspire the idea of a multi tool with multiple tools integrated toogether,

based on the experiences which could not be handled with favorite army knife for emergency cases, such as repeated failure of Fiat used for foot water leakage of hotel sink and etc, when he and his wife traveled across Europe.

Pictures at crossing Europe

After that, 1983 established business in Portland, Oregon, USA.


All items of Leatherman are manufactured under certain quality control at the head office factory in Portland in order to embody Tim’s unwavering belief of a saying that goes


[Our products must be perfect. Because my name is engraved on every product.]

That solid quality is an acknowledged all over the world and is a tool that is adopted by the US Army.


Introduction of my favorite LEATHERMAN/MICRA

LEATHERMAN’s multi tool has abundant lineup according to various scenes and uses.

Among them, my favorite model is a small model called MICRA.

Please do not despise it because this is small. I am working messy in my daily life.


It is compact in size and weight that does not get in the way even if you wear it.

This MICRA is very compact.

First of all, please look at this picture.

The vertical width when storing is 1/2, the width is only about 1/3 even compared to iPhoneX (length: approximately 14cm with: approximatele 7cm.

That should be that, this MICRA has only 6.5cm overall length when stored.

A size feeling of a man is about a litttle finger

When I will take it in my hand, it’s just as long as my little finger.

Its weight is 51g just like a weight of an egg.

Its weight does not bother much when carrying it.


It has 10-items functions in a compact body!

Nevertheless, the best feature characteristics is [It has a lot of functions that you couldn’t imagine from its compact look.].

My favorite [MICRA] has the following 10-items functions.


It has 10-items functions in a compact body.



(2)420HC Stainless Steel Knife(Blade Length Approximately 4.5cm)

(3)Nail File

(4)Nail Cleaner

(5)Pin Set

(6)Slotted Srewdriver(XS)

(7)Slotted Srewdriver(M)

(8)Flat-head Phillips Screwdriver

(9)12cm Ruler(4.7-inches)



MICRA is sometimes called a model for daily used, and the scissors are the main tool of it.

Hands can reach itchy places such as the loosen screws, opening envelops, unpacking packages and etc.


In addition, MICRA has a key ring, which is actually super convenient!

I attached it to the key holder along with the keys but, it is convenient to use immediately in case you need it.

The size is just right to keep it on the key holder.


Relief for 25 years of warranty

This LEATHERMAN series, regular imports are warranted for 25 years.

However, is is possible for free repair if it is an imported product which has an engraved [LTJ mark] even if you lost your warranty card.

※It requires Warranty card in case the engraved LTJ mark has been scraped out.

The mark indicated by an arrow is a proof that it is a regular import “LTJ mark”.

It is unique service of LEATHERMAN which is confident in quality. Don’t you consider wanting it and use it.


The pleasure of having a “real” tool.

Up to now we have introduced functional aspects, but the appeal of LEATHERMAN is also high texture that will satisfy its possessive desire.

That real feeling which adopted by US Military will grab the heart of our eternal boy and never let it go.

The morew you used this such item everyday, the happier I become of having nice things.



How was it?

Actually, I went to the airport and carelessly attaching this MICRA to my key holder. I have had experience being raised and taken it when leaving Japan (crying).

Therefore, The item on the photo is the second item which you will purchase again. (Please note.)

And with that, there is no such thing as this tools that will love to purchase again.


WEBIKE [LEATHERMAN] is a regular imported product through [LEATHERMAN Tool Japan].

Please consider the product quality assuring for 25 years service! Hmmm…

Webike handling “LEATHERMAN” item list is here!

See Accessories of Leatherman

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