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The SUZUKI launched a series of a video teaser called “Feel the Edge” that metaphorically displays the word “Slash” on September 5, 2018. The 3rd time was published on September 19, and the actual tank of the motorcycle has been released. Base on the KATANA 3.0 that it can be inferred from the development. Therefore, looking back on 3.0 a week after the Intermoto Show Press Day. *The article is based on Young Machine January 2018 issue (November 24, 2017 Released).

Italy Major Motorcycle Magazine Collaborated with Motorcycle Development Company

It was KATANA 3.0″ that had a tremendous impact in the corner of the EICMA that is heating up with the announcement of a new motorcycle. The “SUZUKI announced the concept model of the KATANA from the start of the show!!” And, it is the news that ran around the world, in fact, it is a vehicle planned by Italian Motorcycle media “MOTOCICLSMO”. The Italian designer, Mr. Rodolfo Frascoli who worked on the design, such as MOTOGUZZI GRISO and TRIUMPH, and the production is handled by Engine’s Engineering in Bologna. Based on the SUZUKI GSX-S1000, the tank and seat cowl, including the lamp, and the outer side is all newly built.

The line leading to the tank retakes the original from the seat of KATANA 3.0. It is possible to take advantage of the Sword logo proudly, considering the fact that it was originally decorated with the SUZUKI booth, and it is easy to think that this KATANA 3.0 was a prototype that doubles as a market research of the new KATANA, but…….The official announcement on October 2, can’t hardly wait. This photo is a clay model produced and exhibited separately from the real running model, and the left half is clay exposed.

[ENGINES ENGINNERING KATANA 3.0.0 2017 Motorcycle Milan Show Exhibition] The front and rear areas are contemporary in design. The impression of the nose and the headlights around the upper of the new KATANA is expected to change greatly, as long as it sees the teaser photo. The motorcycle in this photo is a prototype that can be ridden, and the form is dynamically optimized, slightly different from the “Half and Clay” model above.

The left of the photo is Mr. Mr. Rodolfo Frascoli who designed the KATANA 3.0. In recent years, there are MYA of VR46 and GRISO of MOTO GUZZI (see below).

It was MYA of Mr. Rodolfo Frascoli which was announced same as the 2017 Milan show of KATANA 3.0.MYAIt is a unique air-cooling direct 4 tracker which also utilized the headlight & ram air intake for the current YZF-R1 by the XJR 1300 revision planned by VR46 for Valentino Rossi.

A representative work of Rodolfo Frascoli designers, also made his debut at 2005 Milan show GRISO of MOTO GUZZI. It became a model that increased fans as a styling that got closer to the standard in a well-balanced manner which made the MOTO GUZZI design strong at that time.

It is a designed image of KATANA 3.0 that has been published in Italy Motorcycle Magazine/MOTOCICLSMO. Compared to the actual prototype, the nose tip of the upper cowl is thin, and it is drawn out a distinctive side cover which leads on the first half of the zigzag seat. This zigzag part might be an homage of the slide switch which is perhaps the original KATANA? When you imagine it based on the photo of the teaser which seems to appear in the new KATANA, commercialized motorcycle may be more styled from this prototype that this one.


Completion with High Technical Strength Commercial Motorcycle Level

This outer side is optically scanned and the shape is converted to data of the strip function of the GSX-S, and the essence of the original KATANA was interspersed everywhere, because it has been shaped to fit in it which is exactly suitable for “modern version of KATANA”. The Engine’s Engineering established Two-wheeled R & D Company in 1979, which has facilities and technology that can do most of the bike development in-house, such as design, layout, and testing. This kind of prototype production is a fun thing. This machine was also capable of riding, at the EICMA booth that video was also being swept away. Many people misunderstood that the degree of completeness, such as the processing of lights and the back of the seat, are at the level of the market motorcycle, “Are you going to finally come up with KATANA!?” Therefore, SUZUKI’s expectation is just growing.

The front and rear lights are originally designed and manufactured for this KATANA 3.0. It is finished to the level that the light source is LED and a type of certification can be taken.

Has the handlebar been a cultivated style? It is a handlebar that is very different from the GSX-S1000. It is replaced with a plate-like handlebar bracket, and in the center “Badge” of “KATANA” is mounted. The badge of the “KATANA” is mounted in the center and it is converted to a plate-like handlebar bracket. The meter is diverted from GSX-S1000.

It also adopts a popular swing arm mount license plate holder. It fits naturally based on GSX-S1000.

The model of the left half clay which was left were still exhibited at EICMA’s engine’s and engineering booth.

[SUZUKI GSX1100S KATANA 2000 Model Japan Specification, Price: 990,000 Yen] It is SUZUKI’s GSX1100S KATANA released in 1982. It is one of the famous motorcycle that still have enthusiastic fans not only among Japanese but still around the world. It is the final edition in which 1100 units were sold exclusively in 2000 as a final type of photograph.

Click here for the article of“[CHIRAMISE] The tank of KATANA to be revived in 2019 is released”

Original Source[ YOUNG MACHINE ] (*Japanese)

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