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[New Product] Tamiya will Release “Ninja H2R” added on 1/12 Motorcycle Series in December!

  • 08/11/2016

Faithfully Reflected Super Charger Motorcycle Ventured into the Uncharted Territory!

Tamiya has announced that they will launch the new item “1/12 Motorcycle Kawasaki Ninja H2R” around December 10, 2016.

From a show-stopping debut at the INTERMOT show in Cologne in 2014 to later reports of a top speed over 400km/h, the Ninja H2R closed course motorcycle has never been far from the headlines.

Its Japanese maker Kawasaki aimed to provide hitherto unexperienced acceleration in its development, going about it by teaming up a 300hp-plus liquid-cooled 998cc inline-4 engine with a centrifugal supercharger, and mounting them in a tubing trellis frame. 

Tamiya faithfully reflected even the internal construction with their own precision this time too, without exception.

Kawasaki Ninja H2R (1/12 Motorcycle Series No.131)

MSRP : 4,320 JPY (Base Price : 4,000 JPY)


*Entire Length: 172mm. Image shows assembled and painted kit.

161107_52Prepare to be wowed by the superlative accuracy of this 1/12 model’s rendition of the bike and its distinctive form.

Screw-fixed cowl parts can be removed after assembly to see the inner workings! (Image shows model without tank and seat frame.)

Accurately renders the distinctive ram air duct which takes air from the twin front intakes and supplies it to the supercharger.
The complex lines of the trellis frame are depicted with aplomb, as is the multi-part air intake chamber above the engine.
Excellent decals ensure that the instrumentation on the analog-digital mix display has a sharp finish in tune with the rest of the model.
Don’t forget the racing slick tires, an absolute necessity for the high-speed closed circuit Ninja H2R. Racing stand parts also included.
Nylon mesh is included in the kit to recreate with realism the twin intakes that feed air into the ram air duct.
An authentic rendering of the taillight is achieved with a combination of metal-plated and clear parts.
Decals depict markings such as the distinctive green cowl stripes. Metal transfers depict logos and river mark.


About the Model


*This is a 1/12 scale plastic model assembly kit

*Length: 172mm, width: 70mm, height: 97mm. 

*Liquid-cooled inline-4 engine and supercharger are depicted in fine detail.

*Accurate recreations of the elegant trellis frame and aggressive cowls capture the essence of the bike in breathtaking accuracy.

*Engine, swing arm, cowls and more are screw-attached to the trellis frame.

*Solid synthetic rubber slicks add an extra layer of authenticity.

*Metal-plated parts recreate exhaust, silencer, tail light case and more.

*Name logo and front cowl Kawasaki river mark emblem are depicted using metal transfers.

*Comes with racing stand parts.

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Original Source [ TAMIYA ]

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