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[New Product] r’s gear is Launching Full Titanium Single Type Exhaust for XSR900 in Late September!

  • 21/09/2016

Upgrade Your Neo Classical XSR!

r’s gear which is known for a planner, a manufacturer, and a seller of motorcycle parts has announced that they will release their new full exhaust, “Single Type Exhaust for XSR90” in late September.

This exhaust is Japanese government and JMCA certified. It is compatible with EBL-RN46J. The maximum output is 107.3ps(STD:102.5ps), and the maximum torque is 8.4kg-m(STD:8.3kg-m). It weighs 8.4kg-m(STD:8.3kg-m). MSRP is 208,440 JPY (Tax Included).

This full titanium exhaust will upgrade your XSR which has the neo classical ambience. The silencer part is made of mirror-finish titanium to be dressed up in a sport classical way.

When it comes to the engine, it increased the torque greatly at all ranges while dissolving the decrease of the torque at the mid range. How it is designed will make it easy for you to control the machine when it has the maximum torque.

[Webike Shopping]
r’s gear Wyvern Real Spec. Single Type Exhaust Product Page

XSR900 Single Type




[Webike Shopping]
r’s gear Wyvern Real Spec. Single Type Exhaust Product Page

[Webike Shopping] r’s gear:r’s gear Brand Page

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Original Source [ r’s gear ](*Japanese)

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