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[New Motorcycle] Yamaha receives order release “NIKEN GT” which refined to the comfort of touring, adds various equipment


Yamaha Motor has set the “NIKEN GT” with improved tooling comfort to a water-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve, in-line 3-cylinder, 845 cm3 engine-equipped LMW * 1 model “NIKEN (Niken)”. It will be released on a custom-made basis In addition, we will start accepting reservations from Wednesday, March 13 at “NIKEN” dealers * 2 nationwide.

NIKEN is a next-generation LMW that combines the high-dimensional cornering performance generated by the evolved LMW technology * 3 and the high-quality cruising performance that enables comfortable long-distance touring.

The “NIKEN GT” is based on the “NIKEN” 1) large high screen with wind protection effect, 2) grip warmers for comfortable driving on cold days, 3) increased thickness and reduced fatigue during touring 4) Grab bar considering attachment of top case * 4 of optional accessories separately, 5) 12V DC jack beside the meter and the side of the seat, 6) Center stand etc. are equipped as standard to further enhance tooling comfort It’s a model I’ve called.

※ 1 LMW = Leaning Multi Wheel. Generic name for registered vehicles of three or more wheels that lean and turn like a motorcycle, trademark registration No. 5646157.
* 2 “NIKEN” store = A store that accepts, sells, and offers after-sales service for reservations for “NIKEN” who have taken a specialized curriculum.
* 3 LMW technology = A technology that contributes to a balance of lightness and stability with a suspension and steering mechanism using a parallelogram link.
※ 4 top case = accessory sold separately. Handling is Wise Gear.

We see new and used motorcycle of [NIKEN]


Manufacturer suggested retail price: 1,944,000 yen (tax included)

Matt Dark Purplish Blue Metallic 1 (Matte Blue)

Brusch Gray Solid 4 (Gray)


Accredited model / Motor machine stamped model 2BL-RN58J/N714E
Overall length / Overall width / Overall height 2,150mm/885mm/1,250mm〈1,425mm〉
Seat height 820mm〈835mm〉
Axis distance 1,510mm
Ground clearance 150mm
Vehicle weight 263kg〈267kg〉
Fuel consumption rate * 1 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism report value
Stationary fuel consumption value * 2
26.2km / L (60km / h) for 2 people
WMTC mode value * 3 18.1km / L (class 3, subclass 3-2) 1 person on board
Prime mover type Water cooling, 4 strokes, DOHC, 4 valves
Number of cylinders In-line, 3-cylinder
Total displacement 845cm3
Inner diameter x stroke 78.0mm×59.0mm
Compression ratio 11.5:1
Highest output 85kW(116PS)/10,000r/min
Maximum torque 87N・m(8.9kgf・m)/8,500r/min
Start method Self-type
Lubrication method Wet sump
Engine oil capacity 3.40L
Fuel tank capacity 18 L (unleaded premium gasoline specified)
Intake, fuel system / fuel supply system Fuel injection
Ignition method TCI (transistor type)
Battery capacity / type 12 V, 8.6 Ah (10 HR) / YTZ 10 S
Primary reduction ratio / Secondary reduction ratio 1.680/2.937
Clutch type Wet, multi board
Transmission / Transmission Always meshed 6 speed / return type
Gear ratio 1st gear: 2.666 2nd gear: 2.000 3rd gear: 1.619 4th gear: 1.380 5th gear: 1.190 6th gear: 1.037
Frame format Diamond
Castor / trail 20°00′/74mm
Tire size (front / back) 120 / 70R15M / C (56V) (Tubeless) / 190 / 55R17M / C (75V) (Tubeless)
Braking device type (front / back) Hydraulic Disc Brake / Hydraulic Single Disc Brake
Suspension method (front / back) Telescopic / swing arm (link type)
Head lamp bulb type / Head lamp LED
Boarding capacity 2 people
* 1: Fuel consumption rate is the value under the specified test conditions. It depends on conditions such as usage environment (weather, traffic jam etc.) and driving method, vehicle condition (equipment, specifications) and maintenance condition.
* 2: Stationary fuel consumption value is the fuel consumption rate of the actual measurement run at constant vehicle speed.
* 3: The WMTC mode value is a calculated value based on the exhaust gas test results measured in the travel mode, which is an international standard including start, acceleration, and stop. Driving mode classes are classified according to displacement and maximum speed.

We see new and used motorcycle of [NIKEN]

Original Source [ Yamaha Motor ]

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