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[New Motorcycle] YAMAHA, “FZ-FI” 2019 model released in India


YAMAHA Motor is a 149 cm 3 “BLUE CORE” incorporating muscular modeling design common to recent FZ series and new features supporting comfortable running. ※2019 model of one-engine sports model “FZ-FI” was released in India from late January.

FZ-FI was developed based on the concept of “Urban Fighter that is powerful and runs through the streets” with the main target of men in India who are particular about style and masculinity.

Main features are: 1) A new style that sees the front and the tank and the engine looking big as a unit while inheriting the strength of the FZ series, 2) a motorcycle body design that leads to a relaxed riding position, 3) Double with consideration for the comfort of the tandem rider Seat and grab bar, 4) engine setting that refined acceleration feeling, 5) front brake employing ABS-1 ch, and so on.
In addition, the advanced specification “FZS – FI” adopts an air cushioning and air intake modeling plated.

The Indian market is positioned as one of the priority markets in the company’s medium-term management plan, and by 2021 we aim to sell 1.2 million units in India. (Prospects for 2018: about 780,000 units)
In addition, production and sales are carried out by our group company India YAMAHA Motor Pvt. Ltd. in India.

※1 YAMAHA Motor Co., Ltd. “BLUE CORE” from 2014 as an engine design philosophy to realize compatibility between “driving pleasure” and “fuel efficiency / environmental performance” in a high dimension. This philosophy aims at achieving performance by focusing on three points of high-efficiency combustion, high cooling performance and loss reduction, and engines of “FZ – FI” and “FZS – FI” also develop based on this “BLUE CORE” philosophy did.
Trademark Registration No. 5676267


Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: 95,000 rupees (Delhi over-the-counter price)

Black Metallic


Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: 97,000 Indian – rupee (Delhi over-the-counter price)

Matte Dark Purplish Blue Metallic

Matte Black

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