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HONDA “Super Cub C125” New color gray will be released on June 21 in Japan. A fusion of the original homage and the latest technology.


HONDA adopted the latest equipment in the universal body package of the Super Cub series, and added new colors to Type 2 (Type 2 motorcycle) personal commuter “Super Cub C125” in pursuit of higher quality. It will be released on Friday, June 21st.

A newly added “Pearl Cadet Gray” which adopted the seat of two tone type to the body of a certain color this time. Together with the “Pearl Nil bubble” continuous color, it became a total of two color variations.

Super Cub C125 is an air-cooled 4-stroke OHC 125cc single-cylinder engine that is easy to handle and has superior fuel economy and styling that surpasses the Super Cub Series’s first model “Super Cub C100.”

Convenience such as the adoption of a special aluminum cast wheel and chromium-plated parts arranged on each part for the elegant appearance, the LED lamp with excellent energy saving performance and “HONDA SMART Key system” which can start the engine more conveniently. It is a model that has been well received by a wide range of riders with equipment that contributes comfort.

Super Cub C125

Pearl Cadet Gray (New color)

Sales Target (Japan/Year)


Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (consumption tax included 8%)

¥399,600 (consumption tax base price of 370,000 yen)

* The price (including recycling costs) does not include expenses associated with insurance, taxes (excluding consumption tax) and registration.

Main Specification

Common Name Super Cub C125
Motorcycle Name/Model Honda · 2BJ-JA48
Overall Length (mm) 1,915
Overall Width (mm) 720
Height (mm) 1,000
Wheelbase (mm) 1,245
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm) 125
Seat Height (mm) 780
Vehicle Weight (kg) 110
Seating Capacity (persons) 2
Fuel Consumption Rate*1
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport reported value:*2
69.0 (60) <2 people while riding>
WMTC Mode Value
(Class) *3
66.1 (Class 1) <1 people while riding>
Minimum Turning Radius (m) 2.0
Engine Type JA48E
Engine Model Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder
Total Exhaust Volume (cm³) 124
Inner Diameter × Stroke (mm) 52.4 × 57.9
Compression Ratio 9.3
Maximum Power (kW [PS] / rpm) 7.1 [9.7] / 7,500
Maximum Torque (N · m [kgf · m] / rpm) 10 [1.0] / 5,000
Fuel Supply System Format Electronic
Starting System Self-expression
Ignition Device Format Full transistor type battery ignition
Lubrication System Pumping splash combination formula
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 3.7
Clutch type Wet multi-plate coil spring
Transmission Format Constant mesh 4-speed return*4
Gear Ratio 1 speed 2.500
2-speed 1.550
3-speed 1.150
4-speed 0.923
Reduction Ratio (Primary ★ / Secondary) 3.363 / 2.571
Caster Angle (degrees) ★ 26 ° 30´
Trail Amount (mm) ★ 71
Tire Previous 70/90-17M/C 38P
Rear 80 / 90 – 17M / C 44P
Brake Type Previous Hydraulic disc
Rear Mechanical leading trailing
Suspension System Previous Teresukopikku-shiki
Telescopic type
Rear Swing arm type
Frame format backbone

■ A type approval application numerical value according to the Road Transport Vehicle Law (the item of ★ is the data published by HONDA)
■ Manufacturer / Thailand HONDA Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ■ Production Countries / Thailand ■ Importers / HONDA Motor Co., Ltd.

*1 The fuel consumption rate is the value under the specified test conditions. It varies according to customer’s use environment (weather, traffic jam, etc.), operation method, vehicle condition (equipment, specification) and various conditions such as maintenance condition.
* 2 The fixed area fuel consumption value is the fuel consumption rate based on the actual measurement traveled at a constant vehicle speed.
* 3 The WMTC mode value is a calculated value based on the Emission test results measured in the riding mode which is an international standard including start, acceleration, stop, etc. The driving mode classes are classified according to engine displacement and maximum speed.
* 4 It is a change mechanism which becomes rotary type only at the time of stop by return type while riding.


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Original Source [ Honda ]

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