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[New Motorcycle] HONDA, released a newly added “KUMAMON VERSION” color of “CROSS CUB 50” and “CROSS CUB 110”


HONDA announced that the color variations of moped leisure models “CROSS CUB 50” and “CROSS CUB 110” will be changed and released on July 19 (Fri).
Furthermore, in collaboration with Kumamoto Prefecture, “CROSS CUB 50 · KUMAMON Version” and “CROSS CUB 110 · KUMAMON Version”, which image the PR mascot character “KUMAMON” of the prefecture, were newly added, June 21 ( To sell on Friday).

Playful Kumamon Version

The color variations of CROSS CUB 50 and CROSS CUB 110 are set as common colors for “Camouflage Green” and “Classical White”, which were the dedicated colors of each model in the past.
CROSS CUB 50 has two color settings, “Camouflage Green” and “Classical White”. The cross-cut 110 is a color variation of a three-color setting of “camouflage green”, “classical white”, and “pearl shiny yellow”.

The newly added CROSS CUB 50 and Kumamon version, and the CROSS CUB 110 and Kumamon version adopt black and red colorings based on Kumamon in all parts of the vehicle.
Other than the design with the image of the foot of the mark such as the back side of the sheet with red piping and the logo of the CROSS CUB, the emblem of the mark with the illustration of the mark and the adoption of the special key, bear cuteness of the mark. It is a playful model that has been expressed. The body color is set to one of graphite black.


Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: 291,600 yen (tax included)

• Camouflage Green, New Color

• Classical White, Continuation Color


Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: 334,800 yen (tax included)

• Classical White, New Color

• Camouflage Green, Continuation Color

• Pearl Shining Yellow · Continuation Color

CROSS CUB 50 · Kumamon Version

Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pprice: 302,400 yen (tax included)

CROSS CUB 110 · Kumamon version

Original Source [ HONDA ]

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