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YAMAHA “NMAX ABS” New Color will be released on June 28 in Japan!


▲ “NMAX ABS” White Metallic 6

It is a scooter with a moped that fits urban riding

YAMAHA Motor will change the color of moped scooter “NMAX ABS” equipped with Water-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve, 124cm3 “BLUE CORE” *engine, and release it from June 28.

*YAMAHA Motor Co., Ltd. has set up the “BLUE CORE” as an engine design concept that embodies both “Fun of Rriving” and “Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Performance” in a high level since 2014. This concept focuses on the three points of high-efficiency combustion, high cooling performance, and loss reduction to achieve performance, and the engine of “NMAX ABS” was also developed based on this “BLUE CORE” concept. Trademark Registration No. 5676267.

“NMAX ABS” inherits the DNA of “TMAX” and “XMAX” supported by Japan and other countries around the world, and it condenses the features of MAX series such as innovative style and sporty design in a compact body, It is a scooter that pursues the comfortable travel such as city riding and commuting.

“Matte Gray Metallic 3” and “White Metallic 6” represent active city commuters by changing components such as boomerang-designed side covers and wheels that symbolize YAMAHA NMAX series to black. “Vivid Purplish Blue Cocktail 5” will continue to be sold, creating a sense of luxury and playfulness.

▲ Matte Gray Metallic 3 (New Color)

Production will be conducted by group company PT. YAMAHA Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM).


White Metallic 6 (New Color)

Matte Gray Metallic 3 (New Color)

Vivid Purplish Blue Cocktail 5

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price

¥351,000 (Base price of ¥325,000/Consumption Tax ¥26,000)

Sales Plan

4,000 units (Per year, Japan)

Original Source [ [YAMAHA Motor Co., Ltd. ]

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