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Lightweight, Long life, and Stylish 3-Way Supersprox “STEALTH/EDGE/GEAR BOX”


[Big Machinine Zero: Reported by: Kenichi Miyata Photo by: Shin Matsui]

The UK’s well-established sprocket maker “Supersprox” will land in Japan in this spring.Especially the rear, greatly affects not only the unsprung weight but also the gyro effect of the rotating a wheel, as you know, many manufacturers have continued to try and reduce weight.However, using aluminum material, which is the quickest way for weight reduction, has a drawback that the durability of the teeth part is short compared the cost.

Focusing on hybrid production of aluminum and steel


▲This is the top model of Supersprox, which combines both lightness and durability with a hybrid structure that is adopted a steel at the base part of the center and aluminum in teeth part.


▲The base part is made from steel. The thickness of the center is 1mm thinner and the strength is maintained even the weight is reduced. The color coordination of your choice is achieved with an aluminum plate.


▲Carbon Impregnated Steel Front Sprocket. The lineup is for ON-road and OFF-road, suitable for a wide range of models.

The top model “STEALTH” of the company solved this problem.”STEALTH” is a hybrid sprocket integrated with a patented method using lightweight aluminum for the teeth of outer rim and steel with excellent durability for the base.e precise rivet is also shock-resistant, and it has been proven to be of reliable quality, such as being used by All Japan Motocross’s machines of Akira Narita and WSBK by the BMW Factory team this year.

Furthermore, the company representative DJ Morphing who visited Japan at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show said. “In addition to performance, it looks cool! Right??” The bright black and gold contrast design is perfect for customized motorcycle. Standard model “EDGE” can enjoy favorite color by plate choice, too. It can be expected as a performance up as well as a dress up.

▲”STEALTH” uses a proprietary process patented in the United States and Europe.It has gotten a remarkable resoult on the stage of harsh motor sports because the complex meshing and riveting make the structure of the resistant to side impacts.It is a rear sprocket that is 3 in 1 item of light weight, long life, stylish.

▲”EDGE” is a standard model based on steel with low price.
You can also enjoy coordination with the abundant color aluminum plate.
“Stealth” also can choose the color of the base.”

Mr. Akira Narita of Team HRC is also useing this product!

Mr. Akira Narita of Team HRC, who won 12 championships in the All Japan Motocross Championship, has signed a contract with Supersprox from this season. According to Mr. Narita “The sprocket is part of the engine. If it breaks, the motorcycle won’t run. The lightness is important but the durability is just as important,” he hoped for stealth performance. “And we also need a cool design for a motocross machine.” He was smiling with DJ Morphing.

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