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KIJIMA Mondavi-Mondavi revives with Monkey 125 base


At the Tokyo Motorcycle Show in March 2019, Parts Manufacturer KIJIMA exhibited the MON × DAVI (MONDAVI) based on the new MONKEY125 as a concept model. It is heavy release depending on the response in the Ultra-Authentic similar to the previous work of 2011.

It’s also good for long touring

It is a model called “Ultra” that gives a special aura by making it the highest in the touring family of Harley Davidson. The iconic FLHTCU and FLHTK, named Electra Glide Ultra, are positioned as a status symbol. The Ultra series is designed to accommodate long-distance touring, so it is comfortable and equipped with the maximum amount of storage space in its original fairing yako cowl. This is the largest model in Harley Davidson, and it is a big motorcycle among in the big motorcycle but….. it is a MONDAVI that has been reproduced with the MONKEY.

The previous MON-DAVI was released in 2011 with a limited set of 50 parts of KIJIMA, and a high-quality built-in became a hot topic though it was small. After 8 years, MON x DAVI, which was based on the new MONKEY 125, was exhibited at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show in 2019. As the new model became popular, “this size can be used normally,” the MONKEY 125 was equipped with a cowl and a box, and it was fashionable in the 50cc era, and it is possible to obtain even the functionality.

[KIJIMA MON x DAVI 2019 Tokyo MC Show Concept Model] New MONDAVI based on the new MONKEY 125. Although the launch is undecided, it is likely to be released limited depending on the outcome.

[KIJIMA MON-DAVI 2011] MONDAVI of 50cc version was sold with a limited of 50 sets in front at that time. At the back of the original Harley FLHTK103 Erectragra Ultra Limited, it can be seen that it is similar to look at the side.

Change in the product contents of the New and Old MONDAVI

MONDAVI has been developed as a kit to reproduce the ultra-look in the front and rear fenders and cowl, box, exhaust, etc. The product contents announced in the 2019 MONDAVI are the following: Fairing, Screen, Front Fender, Rear Fender, Front Bumper, Fishtail Exhaust, Fog Lamp (LED), Rear Carrier, Rear Center Box, Side Box, Rear Bumper, Single Seat, Rear Shock (NITRON), Side Cover R, Short Side Stand, Front Reflector, Oval Mirror and various types of bracket.

The difference between the 50cc version of the previous work is that the seats are exclusive and the short side stands are available. The rear shock is made of NITRON, and the 125cc version is considered to be low. Since the front is high to increase the protruding, is the aim to ensure straight-line stability as a dimension of the rear fall? On the other hand, the fishtail exhaust unique to the MONDAVI is adopted in the 125cc version as well as the 50cc version. However, in the 125cc version of the conventional twin exhaust → single exhaust.

The 125cc version of MONDAVI. The exhaust system is right Single Exhaust. The FRP parts have been told in advance with black gel coat finish. The demo model has an air cleaner box and a chain cover painted in silver.

The 50cc version of MONDAVI is based on the teardrop tank carburetor specification. Compared to the 125cc version, the box is quite overhanging from the rear tire.

[HARLEY-DAVIDSON FLHTK103 2011 Model] A comparison cut taken when the 50cc version of MONDAVI was released. The unchanging style has been passed down to the present day.

The left is the 125cc version and the center is the 50cc version. The style of the fog lamps has remained unchanged, but the 125cc version shows that the shape is closer to the original.

The left is the 125cc version and the center is the 50cc version. The 125cc version of the tail light & blinker has more replica level in the design leading to FLHTK. The rear fender is also long.

Fairing of the 125cc version. The fog lights are also LED with OEM headlights.

Fairing of the 50cc version.

The 125cc version of the exhaust system. It’s a selected fish tail.

The 50cc version of the exhaust system is an impressive Twin Exhaust.

•Photo by: Mayumi Satoshi

[History] MONKEY-DAVIDSON February 1980 Issue]

The base is a MONKEY, but the look is not remains. The tank and the seat is normal, but it seems as if it has been crowded in the image of a strong Harley such as the windshield and the side box, the cast wheel. As expected engine power is powerless, but with a small Harley style, it does not even bother to go out speed. With this, it will also feel like running around 30km. It is a big attraction that it is fun just by looking at it, and he was in the center of attention in the inquiry during shooting. There are many elderly people. Harley might be a big dream for adults.

If we can get to this point, we can think of it not as a motorcycle resembling a Harley, but as a category of MONKEY DAVIDSON. He goes out to the tour with a few motorcycle, wearing a costume for such a motorcycle, and is trying to make fun of Harley’s touring squad, or if he runs around Harajuku’s Omotesando street, or if he looks at it, he has a lot of thoughts running inside his head. Have you ever had a dream machine like this? I want to show this to the American people once, and it is something I want to take a break. *Written: From Tetsuro Makita Young Machine 1980 February Issue

[Ride on MONKEY-DAVIDSON 1980 (Present from 1970) I think that it does not change with the real Harley Davidson when such a big person rides it.

What a pretty exhaust pipe. I can’t believe it. Take a good look at cowling, side-bag, and rear-box! Don’t you think it’s good?

Original Source[ Young Machine ] (*Japanese)

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