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Kenny Sagawa decides on his own “2018 Top 10 Motorcycle” Japanese Vehicle Edition (6th-10th place)

  • 10/01/2019

For the new model that was released in this year in the sense to round off the 2018, Webike News Editor-In-Chief Kenny Sagawa tried to ranking arbitrarily.

Looking back on it again, it was the year in which models with a truly wide variety of characteristics were released, and it was extremely difficult to rank them. Although it is a comprehensive evaluation of topicality and attention level, impact and usability that was given to society, it is only a sensory thing, so it is happy if you can refer to it while having fun.

By the way, this time the scooter is excluded. Let’s introduce 6 to 10 at the beginning of the Japanese vehicle.

No. 6 “Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX, Ninja H2 SX SE”

▲Ninja H2 SX SE

The fastest tourer with the prestige of KHI (Kawasaki Heavy Industries)

The Ninja H2 SX was optimized as a sports tourer based on Ninja H2, the ultimate road sports model developed by the KHI group.

The point is a balanced supercharged engine with improvements aimed at achieving both ultimate performance and easy handling in everyday life, making it much easier to handle. The vehicle body also supports tandem running and pannier installation, and the Riposi “Riding Position” and design are also re-evaluated. It was also fully equipped with high-precision TRACON and cornering ABS, which were backed up by the latest Bosch IMU.

“SE” is an advanced specification that is equipped with full-color TFT meters and LED cornering lights. Although the 200PS + supercharger acceleration is not a hump, the super-high-speed cruise performance that distributes the excessive performance in the allowance can be said to be undoubtedly the world’s number one.

It can be said that the face of the Kawasaki who has continued to reign in the throne for many years in the fastest machine of the weight class, it is just a performance that is suitable for the Summit model.


The practicality of CUB is intact and remain infinite playfulness.

Based on the Super-Cub 50/110, which was completely renovated in 2018, the Cross-Cub 50/110 was finished with a playful outdoor taste. The “Cub” series, including the STD model, are all great now and then, but I want to put one vote in the Cross Cub in that it puts emphasis on leisure taking a step from the practical motorcycle that is naturally tough and ultra-easy to use.

In particular, the 110 is more dynamic and stable, thanks to its generous power and the 17-inches (50-14-inches) front and rear wheels. It is also possible with the main two of tandem because it is mounting a semi-block tire, which is also a breadth of the pocket where forest road touring can be done.

The sturdy rear carrier can also be packed with camping equipment. In other words, it is Cross-Cub 110 that can expand the range of play with infinite mobility. Still, the price of the 300,000 yen unit is also great.

No. 8 “SUZUKI GSK-R125”

Don’t underestimate 125, it inherits the lineage

The Suzuki’s Superbike, GSX-R1000-like style, wears the same factory color as the MotoGP machine, as you see the lacy look that comes from seriousness is cool.

The water-cooled DOHC single-cylinder engine features a short-stroke design for high-revving power and dual FI, controlled by six sensors, delivers the highest level of 15ps in its class. It is a model that pursues “running” that lives up to the name of the GSX-R, such as equipped with a 6-speed cross-type mission.

The front and rear 17-inches full-scale size vehicle body becomes a summer even when adults ride and the sense of stability in the actual sports running is also outstanding. The suspension is also damp and moist, and in a sense, you can enjoy a ride with a grade that is not like a small engine displacement. And surprisingly slim, light and compact. It is an Orthodox small supersport that inherits the lineage of the GSX-R while 125cc.


Best balance of over 30% extra power for communal chassis

The New Ninja400 also appeared as a brother vehicle that shared the platform with the new 250. It was redesigned from the traditional sports tourer-like character, and dressed in the same super sports look like the new three-generation Ninja250, which was a newly designed body, engine, and exterior, and became a lacy atmosphere at a stretch.

The model combines the ease of handling on the street with the speed of the circuit with the 250, but the 400 is lightweight with 167kg, which is a mere 1kg increase in weight while exhibiting 48ps, which is a 30% increase in power. Moreover, it is a radial tire STD attachment. So if you come with a communal vehicle’s body, please imagine how it will run.

By the way, Kawasaki seems to have positioned 400 as a world strategic vehicle, power and good balance of the body is also attractive. That’s why I can feel free to ride without vehicle inspection also 250 price is also reasonable, but I was allowed to dare a rank 400./p>

No. 10 “YAMAHA SEROW250”

A popular model that has evolved by leaning closer to the user

SEROW was originally from SEROW225, who debuted in 1985. It was a model embodying the concept of “mountain trail” that goes along the road. In 2005, the engine displacement was enlarged and it was taken over by SEROW250, which was renewed around the vehicle body, but it is a new place to remember that the production ended in 2017 due to the Japanese Emission Regulation.

And this time, the new model that appeared in response to the expectations of many fans, while inheriting the advantages of conventional such as excellent trekking performance and ease of handling, refines the design, such as the adoption of 2PS power-up and LED tail lamp. It is a serve selling point originally improved fuel efficiency from 40km/L to 48.4km/L, for example, improved practical performance. It’s not only for the forestry road faction but also for commuters and long-distance touring faction, it is really unappreciative merit.

Considering the popularity and performance, it was originally a model to rank higher, but it was this ranking because it is not brand new. I would also like to applaud Yamaha’s efforts not to disappoint its fans, as well as the SR400, which has been revived.

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