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Kenny Sagawa decides on his own “2018 Motorcycle Top 10” Japanese production vehicle (1st-5th place)


For the new model that was released in this year in the sense to round off the 2018, Webike News Editor-In-Chief Kenny Sagawa tried to arbitrarily ranking.

In retrospect, it was the year in which models with a truly wide variety of characteristics were released, and it was extremely difficult to rank them. Although it is a comprehensive evaluation of topicality and attention level, impact and usability that was given to society, since it is a sensual thing to the last, it would be greatly appreciated if you could refer while enjoying it.

Now, it is finally the announcement of the 5th to 1st of the national production vehicle. What won the splendid top ranking of this year’s brilliant … ….

No. 1 “HONDA MONKEY 125”

Playful as it is, a beloved character growing up wonderfully

The 50th anniversary since its birth, the previous MONKEY was discontinued in 2017 while being missed by the Japanese Emission Regulations. The new model of the MONKEY125 is a new-generation leisure bike with the concept of a more playful scale-up.

The overall silhouette is the MONKEY itself, but it has a vehicle rating of 1.5. It has been expanded by approximately 5 times, and it has a lot of latitudes, meaning that it can be used as STD bike. The details were also refined. Headlights with a round eye led, the front and rear disc brakes to the inverted fork around the foot, while the wheel also made of aluminum, feel the heat to make a full-fledged stir the nostalgia to MONKEY, such as using a luxury metal parts.

The base of the vehicle body and the engine is gloom, so it is natural to run. High-grade equipment to satisfy the desire of adults and get the performance of full-scale running, the new MONKEY that greatly expanded the excitement that had the previous series. I would like to be the top ranking in 2018 in honor of the ability to draw a new MONKEY image of the 21st century while respecting the history and tradition over half a century.

No. 2 “Kawasaki Z900RS CAFE”

It grabbed the heart of a generation that longed for low revolution

The Z900RS, which recreates the”pleasure of driving” that Z1 once had with the latest technology, was accepted by all generations with enthusiasm at the same time as the debut at the end of 2017. Based on the Z900, a street fighter for Europe, the high potential of a werewolf running with sheep leather is also popular, contrary to the neoretro appearance that looked the former Z1.

Z900RS CAFE is a manufacturer custom-made Z900RS CAFE equipped with a bikini cowl, a low-profile handlebar, and a single-wind seat on the Z900RS. In the Orthodox cafe racer style as its name, it is a slightly forward tilt position compared to STD, it is a sportier impression than not only the appearance but also running. The highway is also comfortable thanks to cowl. It has a more glamorous and lighthearted atmosphere, and a modern taste that blends into the city corner is good. In the old days, “Z1 is also cool, but low revolution is also fantastic!” which similar to that feeling.

It is said to be single invite nostalgia of uncle’s generation which also has a favorable item to this rank. (Laugh)


An overwhelming sense of security that the knee rubs easily even in the rain

NIKEN is Yamaha’s first large-scale LMW (Lean Multi-wheel) sports model. The LMW is a vehicle with three or more wheels that bend with the whole body tilted, NIKEN is characterized by a unique design of two front wheels, one rear wheel.

Based on the MT-09, the benefits of the cross-plane 3-cylinder engine have been enhanced by increasing the number of crankshafts and improving the ease of handling, especially in the low-speed range. Latest electronic equipment such as D-MODE, ABS, DURACON, slipper clutch, quick shifter, etc. which can choose engine characteristics are also the same.

It is worth mentioning that it is stable in cornering, and it can exert a grip that cannot be achieved by a STD two-wheeled vehicle, such as a full-wet road surface with full braking, or a humpbacked tire. Still strange vehicle that the steering sense is very close to the two wheels. While anyone can enjoy a sporty ride with ease and safety, it also has the advantage of being able to travel long distances without being tired.


▲Gold Wing Tour Dual Clutch Transmission〈AIRBAG〉

The “King of Motorcycles” which rejuvenated brilliantly

There are many motorcycles in the world, but I have never seen a motorcycle that gives off such a strong aura. As deeply as it seems, the new Gold Wing has a presence that overwhelms the viewer. The new model, which was a cross-continental tourer with a strong luxury color, underwent a full-change in 17 years, and the new model shifted to a sporty direction with a sharp and vibrant feel. It is said that it aimed at “a lightweight, high-density New-Generation Package that can be used widely from everyday to long-distance”.

The one and only six horizontally opposed cylinders, which is not too much to say that it included all of the advanced technology now, such as the 1,800cc engine, double wishbone suspension of the 4-wheeled sports vehicle level, and the electronic control combined ABS to the 7-speed DCT with reverse, it is not exaggeration to say that it is a luxury and, such as the creation of the detail that in the new Gold Wing there is a terrible that can not be expressed in words.

The silky running, which can be similar to a ‘flying carpet’, has 17ps of power, a lightweight and compact body, and an advanced footing. The King. The title of “King of motorcycling” is not a rhetorical phrase.

No. 5 “SUZUKI SV 650X”

V Twin Cafe Racer with the return of origin

Based on the SV650, which was based on the concept of “return to the origin” and sought enjoyment of the original bike, the SV650X appeared in a cafe racer style with Suzuki’s own interpretation. “X” of naming means Extra. In other words, it is positioned as a high-grade model with a special essence.

The engine is a water-cooled V-shaped twin-cylinder that has been used in V-Strom 650 and Gradius 650, etc., and has both a good beating feeling and a smooth rotating feel like a V-twin. In combination with a steel truss frame with a flexible, rigid balance, nimble and natural handling can be enjoyed.

The “low RPM assist” mechanism, which slightly increases the engine speed at starting and low speed, and the “easy start” mechanism, which can start with one push, feel the conscience of Suzuki, which is useful in everyday electronic control, which is close to the general user. Including bargain price to cut 800,000 yen, it is a good model called hidden famous vehicle.

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