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It’s forever shiny! MOTO SKIN meter protection film is growing in popularity!


It is no longer common sense to paste a protective film so that the screen of the smartphone will not be damaged. If you think about it well, the meter of the bike is also made of plastic or glass like the screen of the smartphone.

Moreover, it is exposed to the grating environment than the smartphone such as rain and dust. I have to take measures before my meter of my motorcycle gets scratched!

Is there a protective film for the motorcycle meter …?

Yes, there is!

Protect the instrument panel cleanly! Excellent in keeping beautiful cockpit!

Introducing MOTO SKIN Meter Protection Film!

3 Points for MOTO SKIN Meter Protection Film Recommendation

First point is wearing it to new motorcycle! It can keep the instrument panel shiny!

We use the same material “thermoplastic polyurethane film” as smartphone protective film, excellent effect on scratch prevention, oil resistance, ozone resistance! It protects the instrument panel from scratches, dirt, dullness!

Web!ke MOTO SKIN Meter Protective Film is here!

Part 2 Easy installation just paste the sticking surface cleaned and degreased!

All products designed exclusively for the model! Since it has already been cut to the shape of the meter, it is just construction to degrease the pasting surface and paste it.

Although, there are a lot of procedures, do not be impatient to read the instructions carefully and if you proceed carefully you can stick it cleanly.

Alcohol pads and microfiber cloth for degreasing required for pasting are included. It is also a nice point to be able to wear it immediately after purchase! Some sets may vary depending on the model.

Web!ke Moto Skin Meter Protective Film is here!

Web!ke Moto Skin Meter Protective Film is here!

The 3 huge compatible models!

Domestic production, foreign motorcycle, and a lot of models are exhausted regardless of the displacement. Please consider MOTO SKIN in your motorcycle’s meter too!
Confirm the MOTO SKIN meter protection film with Web!ke!


Web!ke TV also introduces products!

Web!ke Moto Skin Meter Protective Film is here!

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