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Introduction of the Dzell USB port kit

  • 11/11/2017

I’m Ichimura of Webike.
It is an introduction of the Dzell USB port kit which can be installed on the reserve tank.
This item can be installed on the reserve tank of the brake.
Let’s actually install it.

780202_01 780202_02

Installation is easy. First remove the screws.
Next, put the rubber washer.
Install the USB main unit.
Please take the power supply from the wiring of the vehicle.
Next I will explain the details.
It is aluminum scraping out finish.

780206_02 780207_01

This time we installed the 2 port type.
5 volts, 3 amperes of power is supplied.
It is possible to use 2 ports simultaneously.
Quick Charge is possible if the product is compatible with “Quick Charge 3.0”.
It is charged at 3 to 4 times faster than usual USB.
It also protects automatically overcharging, shorting, etc.
High temperature, high humidity test and output inspection are also done before shipment, so it is a reliable product.

780206_04 new_port

Please check the product page for the lineup and corresponding motorcycle.
It is a very recommendable item that you can be clean and simple around handles.
Please try this very convenient USB port for the touring season !

You can shop Dzell USB port kit from below URL!

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