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[Impressions] NEW High Grip Tire Dunlop SPORTMAX Q4 on the circuit!


SPORTMAX Q4 is notable because it is an American-born tire that grew up in the US

As we have experienced a wild ride with an emphasis on rushing, we will deliver an impression!

Impression Condition

Place: Tsukuba Circuit Course 1000

Date: March 27, 2019

Weather: fine

Temperature: 22-24 degrees

Road Surface Temperature: 27-29 degrees

Road Surface: Dry

Tire Internal Ppressure

CBR1000RR: F/R 1.8kpa

CB1300SF/SB:F/R 2.0kpa

GSX-S1000F:F/R 1.8kpa

GSX-R1000:F/R 1.8kpa


The Tsukuba Circuit Course 1000 is famous for its flat layout with a total length of approximately 1,000 meters, which is good for prospects and easy for beginners.

There are various corners of the large and small corners, and this course is recommended for advanced users.

The weather on the day of the impression was fine and the road conditions on the course were good, so I could feel the characteristics of the tires.

SPORTMAX Q4 What Tires?

Q4 to be introduced this time, in fact, it is not an evolution system of tires that have been sold in Japan until now, and it will be a completely new tire in Japan.

SPORTMAX Q4 is a circuit compatible tire that can be run on public roads developed in the US, unlike the α series developed in Japan.


It is considered to be the same class as the same Dunlop α-13SP as positioning, and the α-13SP is “sharp and light handling. The turning characteristic that changes the direction linearly with respect to the bank angle is considered to be “Wild and vigorous handling,” compared to the Q4 released this time. It is considered to be a tire with a turning characteristic that makes it turn with positive steering and braking.

Like the racing slick, the compound uses a full carbon compound that does not contain silica, and it seems to be able to exert a grip that approaches racing slick.

It is generally said that if you do not use silica it is hard to warm up, but Q4 seems to be usable in the same way as an ordinary circuit tire.

However, since it is for a circuit, let’s drive with heat firmly.


The pattern is very groove-less and has a very slick-like design

According to the explanation before the test ride party, Q4 was supposed to be able to pull out the cornering performance as intended by putting a load on the front using a gutsy brake in front of the corner.

In other words, “focus on thrusting”

It is a tire that is highly temperature dependent and not suitable for sports driving on general public roads because it is a tire developed for users who enjoy circuit driving as well as the α-13SP.


It is very rare that high-grip tires with different characters are released in the same class of tires, You can now choose the right tires for your riding style with the extreme Q4 and α-13SP.

According to the American rider who tested this tire, it’s like a slick tire. The handling is straightforward, so the brake can be delayed and the accelerator can be opened wide easily. In fact, in Q4 it was said that the maximum bank angle 62 degrees that other Dunlop street tires could not achieve was recorded.

Although I could not actually experience the maximum bank angle of 62 degrees at this test driving event, I was able to experience the riding taste and potential different from α-13SP with certainty!


By the way, Q4 Q seems to be the qualifier Q that has been released in Japan in the past


Difference in handling seen in one corner

At this test ride event, we were able to test drive on Q4 for a total of four models: CB1300SF, GSX-R1000, CBR1000RR, and GSX-S1000.

Start carefully with the unfamiliar tire. If it says carefully, if it is bad, it will enter the corner while riding on a ruthless ……

that? Oh, I can’t turn! ? !

As the rigidity of the front tire is strong, the bike does not fall and it does not bend as you think in an approach that was dull to a casual braking

I was convinced that it was different from other tires at one corner.


According to Dunlop, he put in a load on the front right in front of the corner, and if he releases the brake there, he will be able to pull out the turning performance well.

It is not cornering that relies on the so-called primary turning force, which raises the caster angle by pulling in a common front brake and increases the turning performance, If you make the second turn of the stage of opening the throttle of the corner exit main, it will turn well.


Tires that feel aggressive

With regard to the sense of grip, of course, the speed range is low at this test ride event, and of course there is nothing that feels dangerous.

It was a tire that remembered the feeling of being rushed to “Take more pace” on the tire even if there is nothing.

There is no sign that breaks down because the front rigidity is firm even if you try to poke a little over, and it can be poke in peace.

As the tire demands “more” and “more”, the feeling was aggressive and aggressive in the last running frame!


Tire check after driving

This time it is difficult to understand because I did not compare it with other products, but I compared the tires after running of BMW’s S1000 RR and CB1300.

There is also the influence of electronic control, but the rough feeling is standard.

Naturally it is a tire for a circuit, so life can not be expected

Left: S1000 RR and right: CB1300SF rear tires

Let’s bank and erase the letter of Q4!


Perfect for heavyweight naked!

This time, I was able to try tires with different genres of vehicles, so I will deliver impressions for each vehicle.


Excellent rear grip that won’t even make a big torque.
It was an impression that the rudder came in the second turn, and there was a scene that was too close to the in side in the second half.
The front is an impression that it does not bend without loading (accelerator off only), and it seems that the turning ability increases when the brake is pulled in with the speed of + α left.


The specs of the vehicle were too high to attack the performance of the tires.
The weight of the car is light, and the point is that the front has a strong impression.
It was an impression that I would like to lower the internal pressure further if it is the pace of this test ride event (the slow pace).


The impression that the speed range was too low to bring out the performance of the tire as well as GSX-R.

I felt that α-13SP would be better compatible with Tsukuba × 1000 class circuit × liter SS.

On the other hand, if you think of a tire of such a high level that performance can not be demonstrated in this speed range, can you expect on a high-speed circuit? maybe?


It is easy to bend compared to R1000.

The impression was that it was easy to crush the tires and move easily because of the movement of the suspension even if the speed is not on.

It has an impression that the spring constant of the tire itself is as high as 2 ranks and I do not want to use it too much on rough roads.


Is speed range and car weight a point?

In fact, it was not the super sports but the heavyweight naked CB1300 that felt the best compatibility with the tires in the car type that I took at this test driving event.

Usually when you try on a high grip tire, it is often compatible with super sports, but this point was unexpected.

However, it is not such a story that all courses are incompatible with super sports, and probably because Tsukuba 1000 is not so high in speed range, so it could not be loaded.

The weight class naked makes it easy to apply the load to the front because of the weight of the car, and it has been able to bring out a light and amazing turning performance that does not make the weight feel.


Recommended for such riders!

・ I want to enjoy circuit driving with heavyweight naked

・ Riding style of “important”

・ Riding style that emphasizes the second turn


Q4 and α series can now be selected according to the riding style with the appearance of Q4

The ride quality of Q4 is anxious at first if you are used to tires developed in Japan, but you can experience that it is a tire with a deep nostalgic feeling if you ride riding consciously to crush the front.

Above all, it is a tire that seems to be fun to ride with aggressive riding style that is not in domestic production.

Circuit users should wear it by all means! It’s a purely fun tire! !

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