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Honda CROSS CUB (CC110) reform : Customized to ride, camp & fishing specifications


WEB Young Machine that is delivering gorigori’s bike information seven days a week, but this time it is a bit detailed. For us, we will deliver a story about “fishing” in brotherhood.

For motorcycle lovers there are too many fishing lovers!? (Our company speculated)

In our company (inside and outside publishing company), in addition to bike magazines such as “Young Machine”, magazines related to motorcycle and fishing are also issued. Among them, the fishing division with “Lure magazine” exhibited “Rua Maga” booth at Japan Fishing Show 2019, the biggest fishing event in Japan held today in Yokohama. As part of that, Honda Crosscabs customized for fishing specifications are displayed.

Honda Cross Cab 110 reform · Rua maga specification

In the first place, why did the crosscabs be exhibited in the Ruamaga booth this time, after releasing the new type crosscab of 2018 last year, we used crosscabs in the river trout fishing special magazine “Lure magazine river” published by our company It was the opportunity that I decided to handle fishing line coverage planning.

■Drive Honda new model “Cross Cab 110”, enjoy a mountain stream fishing × a single camp [Rua Maga +](*Japanese)
Lure magazine · river 2019 February issue [Amazon](*Japanese)

Mr. Nobuyuki Sakurai who was in charge of this project, enjoying the homepage camping & mountain stream fishing while driving a motorcycle himself, we all received great inspiration and would like to propose that free-fishing fishing and outdoor style at the fishing show I thought it.

Honda Cross Cab 110 reform · Rua maga specification

Motorcycle x Camp x Crossover to “cross” freely for fishing

In this fishing specification crosscab, in order to embody the image of Mr. Sakurai ‘s thought “Ride & Fish”, I am conscious of enhancing the travelability, safety and loading ability for accessing fishing spots by mountain stream fishing. We selected the following custom parts and asked Moto Shop · Strada (Tokyo · Fuchu) for production & tuning. Despite simple customization of only commercial parts, it seems that it was quite a practical and spartan one finished.

Honda Cross Cab 110 reform · Rua maga specification

TS802 Block Tire [Timson]

Honda Cross Cab 110 reform · Rua maga specification

(Left) Rod case kit that can be loaded with the fishing rod in a stand (right) Grip heater SP120 [Together Endurance]

Honda Cross Cab 110 reform · Rua maga specification

(Left) Up Muffler & Aluminum Center Carrier Kit reminiscent of Hunter Cub (middle) Head Light Guard & Front Carrier (Right) Underframe Kit [Both are Special Parts Mukawa]

In this season’s “Lure magazine river”, we plan to fish & camp in coverage of various mountain streams by driving this “Cross Cab 110 reform”.

In the Rua Maga booth, Mr. Sakurai and Talk event of Rua Maga River editor-in-chief Kokura will also be held. How to enjoy a mountain stream fishing that utilizes a motorcycle, a camp fishing expertise on a campus, a six-wheeled fishing line of a cross club + N-VAN, etc. It is going to be a fun talk for bike & fishing lovers (4/4 in total, 12:00 to 12:30, 16:00 to 16:30 for both 1/19 (Sat) 20 (Sunday)).

Honda N-VAN reform is also exhibited at the same time

Honda N-VAN of the same color as the fishing specification crosscut is displayed at the Ruamaga booth. Speaking of N-VAN, it is remembered that it became a big topic among bikers because it is a mini motorcycle that can carry a motorcycle since last year’s new motorcycle was released in 2018. We also conducted experiments to load bikes of various sizes on N-VAN and provided articles.

By the collaboration with Honda access which handles accessory of Honda motorcycle as Rua maga specification of N-VAN, customized also to the outdoor specification of Bali Bali here. The conspicuous yellow combination which stands outstanding in the hall creates plenty of outside playfulness.

ホンダ N-VAN改・ルアマガ仕様


Yokohama Fishing Show until 1/20 (Sunday)

Japan Fishing Show 2019 will be held at Pacifico Yokohama in Yokohama Minato Mirai between 9 am and 7 pm on Saturday, January 19 th and 20 th (Sunday). Bike + Fishing lovers are a must-see.

Japan Fishing Show 2019(*Japanese)

Original Source[ Young Machine ] (*Japanese)

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