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Harley’s electric motorcycle LiveWire will be released in August 2019

  • 02/08/2018

July 30, 2018, Harley Davidson announced the global strategy until 2022 called “More Roads to Harley-Davidson”, and released a model of the segments to launch newly. Here they will introduce the electric model.

Commercialization of project live wire in 2014

In June 2014, Harley’s first electric bicycle “Project Live Wire” was announced. The maximum output of the three-phase motor is 74hp, the maximum torque is 5.2 kg-m, the maximum speed is 92 mph (about 147 km / h), 0 to 96 km / h acceleration is nominally less than 4 sec. At the test ride held in Malaysia in March 2015 it became a reputation as “a thrilling acceleration G”. The lithium ion battery was adopted as a power supply, and it was supposed to be 3.5 hours full charge, travelable distance 100 km or more (estimated value).

This was announced as a release in August 2019 at this announcement. Although the details of the commercial version are not yet clarified, it has evolved from the “project live wire” promoted between 2014 and 2015. As you can see immediately, the front brake has become a single → double disk and the mounting of a bikini cowl, etc., the rearview mirror integrated with the turn signal has also been changed to normal type. Meanwhile, the structure that turns the output axis of Kimo’s longitudinally placed three-phase motor by 90 degrees by bevel gear follows, and in the released video, a unique sound that is played by mixing gear noise and motor sound He is alive.

[HARLEY-DAVIDSON LIVEWIRE 2018 prototype] from Harley’s first EV approached the market live wire. It is a project live wire that is PR who was in the back from 2014 to 2015, but you can see that the basic composition is followed and the whole improvement is done.

[HARLEY-DAVIDSON PROJECT LIVEWIRE 2014 ~ 2015 Prototype] Shot at the test ride held in Malaysia in March 2015. An oil cooler that cools the motor is installed under the head pipe.

This is the project live wire meter. In the full-color liquid crystal, the remaining battery capacity and travelable time for each mode are displayed.

They plan to develop smaller electric model and 250cc class as well

Harley’s electric model will be followed by additional model by 2022, a lighter, smaller, more accessible lineup is expected to be developed. As for this also design sketches etc. are released, and besides ‘Adventure’, ‘Street fighter’, ‘Custom’ of the new water cooled V twin engine, the choice of Harley purchase seems to expand widely. In addition to these, it is announced that a small-displacement model (250 cc to 500 cc) model will be developed for the Asian market and an alliance plan with Asian manufacturers.

[HARLEY-DAVIDSON EV IMAGES] Various ideas have been studied up to EV such as Dartora type and mountain bike, these were announced as plan of release of 2021 ~ 2022. A big strategy beyond the existing Harley framework is in motion.

News Provided by: Harley-Davidson, USA

Original Source[ YOUNG MACHINE(*Japanese) ]


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