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G310R Customize Specification and G310SS Full Cowl Finally Completed!


The delusion CG drawn from this journal to the reality. The project to manufacture the full cowl specification of BMW/G310R has greatly advanced and finally the prototype has been completed. *Young Machine from January 2019 Issue (Released November 24, 2018)

Like [OEM Model?!] A Splendid Finishing

It is not likely that many people misunderstood as “S1000RR?” – The base motorcycle is a naked G310R that will not be confused. It is a dream machine born from this project. This project is a collaboration project that A-TECH, famous for its exterior parts, which produces full cowls that the Young Machine devised with CG. The motif is determined to be the “Baby Version” of BMW’s strongest super sports = S1000RR. It repeated designs in this issue with the concept of adult lightweight sports.

Based on the idea of YM, A-TECH advanced the development with the actual motorcycle, and the completed prototype is here. The magazine was surprised at its overwhelming quality. The entire body is wrapped in a luxurious dry carbon cowl, and the face of Center Ram Air duct is exactly S1000RR. And, the tail is a center-up exhaust system (prototype). In addition to the S1000, it emphasizes the “Rear Exhaust Single” with another motif of the Moto 3 racer-style equipment.

Basically, all parts are bolt-on while the form has changed drastically so far. The A-TECH is awesome because it is said that it can be returned to STD,… It is also planned to develop a street version from now on, with a view to participating in endurance.

[A-TECH & YOUNG MACHINE G310SS (Left) Prototype] Based on Naked’s G310R (Right), the original machine armed with the whole body with carbon aero parts is [G310SS]. It was born into a completely different thing. The “Black Diamond” of dry carbon unified in black is a signboard brand of A-TECH. Like the S1000RR, the side panels are asymmetric.

The exhaust system and sharp tail produce a dazzling rear view. These are the single and highest moto 3 racer = NSF250RW is the image source.

The front and rear views are extremely slim like the base motorcycle. The screen has a height so that the body hides when lying down. The headlight is a sticker. It also contributes to the slimness of the center exhaust system.

It is actually such a minimum when a rider (height 172cm & weight 65kg) straddles. It is a militant riding position that can be a sport with the separate handlebar and rear sets.

It is a basic concept of customizing the BMW’s flagship SS, S1000RR (left) to be compact and slim. It also takes care of various motorcycle items in each part. The weight of the motorcycle is approximately 50kg lightweight against the older brother! *Photo: Yasui Hiromitsu

[YOUNG MACHINE G310SS CG] It is the first issue of this journal CG of the October issue of 2015. It did not change the basic line and it finally became in shape after about 3-years.

Make the most of Ram Air & Rear Exhaust

The G310R has a lacy body layout called “Front Intake & Rear Exhaust” which is opposite to the STD machine. It is the beginning of this project that delusion that “I want to create the super sport that utilized this feature”. It is the center up exhaust system that emphasizes rear air exhaust and ram air supercharging, which demonstrates the maximum of the front intake advantages.

The production period is approximately 2-months. It usually takes approximately 3-months, but it was developed at a rapid pitch. Originally, it was necessary to build a bracket for wearing from only zero on Naked, and the one who struggled with “All Parts” (!). Especially, it is said that it took struggling in the molding of the tank circumference. Currently, it is a racer, but for the purpose of riding on public roads, lights are also mounted in the future. It is planned to unify it with a small LED as possible.

The commercial version to be noticed is an FRP outer side set (such as full cowl, screen, tank cover, seat pedestal & rubber base, various brackets) costing 150,000 yen. It will also sell separately. The exhaust system is also seeking various ways, since it interferes with the rear wheels when riding. It wants to push the center out in style, and examining it including the down and the short. It is a single SS G310SS beats the Twin Prosperous Middle SS!

It is the layout of the ram air & exhaust system centering out which made use of the engine that sucks from the front and exhausts to the rear. The battery is made of Italian ALIANT which is lightweight and high performance.

[Upper Right] It faithfully reproduces the center ram air duct similar to S1000RR. [Upper Left] The intake duct is connected to the air box via the right side. [Bottom Right] The titanium exhaust pipe of one-off wind up the coiling of monoshock. It equips a heat guard, and this is also made of carbon. [Bottom Left] It is an oval shaped titanium silencer as well.

A sporty separate handlebar which could secure enough the handlebar angle.

The base motorcycle’s G310R adopts a handlebar post + handlebar, but removes the post and mounts a separate handlebar on the F fork. The OEM inner tank is a unique shape stretched sideways. The separate handlebar is tough, but it made the tank cover making use of OEM as prices rise when it replace. The handlebar turning angle was adjusted with a stopper, but securing a break angle in a common sense range as SS to be enjoyed on public roads.

The inner tank is projecting to the left and right side to earn capacity, but was worried whether clearance with the separate handlebar can be secured, and it became an exquisite finishing.

The tank cover is only covered by removing the cover of the base motorcycle. The tank side cover extends to the bottom of the seat and looks like a carbon frame?

The tail cowl has a stopper, and it is completely replaced. The seat replaces the rubber base, and it is fixed with an exclusive pedestal. It also added a sponge sheet.

It is a fender of the aero type STD, but it was designed to emphasize aerodynamic more deeply to cover the tire. It becomes familiar with inverted forks and radial calipers.

The rear inner fender and swing arm cover are molded separately. It is possible to mount on the original rear fender swing arm cover.

It is a wing that acts as an aerodynamic part next to the tail. The company has worked on the exterior of KAWASAKI Works, etc., and has extensive wind tunnel testing experience.

Its newly developed exclusive rear sets kit. The Footpeg was separated from the OEM pivot cover, and it was set to a sports position.

It is carbon made of the right and left case covers and emphasized the BMW logo outlined. It makes the unique backward tilt engine stand out.

It is equipped with a radiator core guard to prevent stepping stones. It is finished in a thin stainless steel into a mesh shape by special processing. That’s a beautiful logo of A-TECH.

Speaking of Rear Exhaust Air?

The A-TECH which produced the machine is a prestigious brand of exterior parts, but in reality it is deeply related to the rear exhaust. President Akito Miyazaki of A-TECH is a former staff of DAISHIN. Speaking of DAISHIN in 1980s, it has a history that built the rear exhaust TZR250 ahead of YAMAHA in 1987 with a private operator who is passionate about the rear exhaust, and participates in the SUZUKA 8 endurance with the rear evacuation customize of FZ750. At that time, President Miyazaki was involved in development as a rider while making a cowl with DAISHIN.

This is one of the reason why this magazine asked A-TECH to produce it. In the meantime, the maestro of the back exhaust has revived beyond the age, and has tailored backward exhausted naked which has revived beyond the era to super sports G310SS.

The DAIHIN pioneered the 1989 TZR250 (3MA), and customized the first TZR250 (1KT) rear exhaust in 1987!

[Left] Mr. Miyazaki who is a rear exhauster of TZR250 and a rider is Mr. Taniguchi (deceased) of DAISHIN Industry on the right. [Right] President Akito Miyazaki (Left) and his son standing in front of the autoclave kiln and Shinya of staff which mold of dry carbon. This time the president was the center and built G310SS.

Photographing: Ken Tsurumi
Coverage Cooperation:A-TECH

Original Source[ Young Machine ] (*Japanese)

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