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Full Throttle Sound of Honda CB750 FOUR, Legend Motorcycle “Sound Library” [Video]


“ What sounds does a legend motorcycle play?” We present you some sound videos of legend motorcycle from Young Machine Video Archive. The first of this series starts at HONDA CB750FOUR (1969), the world’s first mass-produced 4-cylinder motorcycle.

The First Japanese Motorcycle which Got The Top of The World.

From the ’50s to the early ’60s, British vertical twin engines (which had almost vertical 2 cylinders from 500 to 600cc) such as Triumph, Norton, and BSA had dominated in the world’s largest motorcycle market in the US. On the other hand, most of the Japanese motorcycles at that time had been easily inspired by small/medium-sized motorcycles made in Europe, which the overseas market had regarded as a cheap one with little originality.

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Original Source[ YOUNG MACHINE ]

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