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[Scoop # 4: KAWASAKI Edition] New GPZ900R & ZXR900


[KAWASAKI new GPZ 900 R expected CG] If it is a Z 900 / RS base, you can name the “GPZ 900 R” without changing the displacement. The engine seems to suit the Z900 base without fins. I do not need a side cowl to show the engine.

I want you to commercialize it, so I will try to make smoke again this year.

As expected by the magazine, neo retro boom will propagate until the ’80s, soon it will be realized that the first generation Ninja is reproducing the GPZ900 R. Now that the rival Katana has revived, there are many fans who want it. That is CG is a retrofit of the exterior of Ninja based on Z900 / RS like ZXR 900. As it was in the first generation, it was sometimes referred to as the engine of the side camshaft chain, and it stopped without feeling uncomfortable. Even if it is an up handlebar, Ninja was familiar custom, so it may rather be more comfortable than separate handlebar. It is rare that the shape of the upper cowl is dangerous. I want you to make LED light as it is.

【KAWASAKI GPZ900 R, 1984】 That is GPZ900 R, the first Ninja that appeared as the world’s fastest machine in ’84. The first Kawasaki’s large water-cooled engine that adopts the side camshaft chain system has been souped up to 1200cc, and it was decided to be used up to ZRX 1200 DAEG. Please reproduce this Ninja on the latest Z900 / RS base.

That’s next to ’80s cowl model

It is the predecessor of the KAWASAKI W800 that will recover in 19, W650 appeared in ’99 and it was already 20 years ago. Then, other manufacturers also caught up and the neo classic boom expanded, and recently the popularity has spread to the more sporty cafe racer direction. It will finally be forecasted that from ’19 this trend will spread to ’80s homage.

Milan show in the autumn of 18, custom vehicles of JAPAN LEGENDS company that covered the ZXR style exterior to the Z 900 were talking about topics. It is noteworthy that this machine was exhibited in the KAWASAKI booth. KAWASAKI, when announcing the Z 900 RS, also arranged the machines produced by the custom builders, and was looking for market reactions with promotion. It is natural that you think that you were watching the possibility of an old replica as the next one of Neo Classic this time as well. After all it was a show where Suzuki had announced the new Katana in the side.

Literally, the response of this ZXR 900 is said to be planned for kit sale, it was high enough to beat the new Katana. It is whether neo classic gradually approaches the ’80s with the passage of time. This is it, the next boom.

【JAPAN LEGENDS ZXR 900 2018 Milan Show Exhibited Custom Car】 The ZXR 900 is a proof that you can replicate the replica style with superb hands with little hand on the base body. It is a good material that can be developed at low cost as a manufacturer.

ZXR 900 is from Z900 from Spain

The ZXR 900, which was exhibited at the Milan show in the autumn of 18’s, was developed based on the Super Naked Z900 as a custom that respected the ZXR750 series that was active in the ’80 – ’90 race scene, as a kit scheduled for marketing. It is reproduced the atmosphere of separate handlebar well by wearing the reversal bar handle in reverse. It boasts a high degree of completeness, such as diverting OEM parts around seat and tail lamps & blinker, and in fact it has been finished to be low cost, making it thinking seriously about marketing is impressive.

【KAWASAKI ZXR 750 1989】It was ZXR 750 which was announced at the Cologne show in 1988 and sold domestically in January the following year. The engine is improved based on the GPX series and a back torque limiter is also installed. Besides, the chassis is full of equipment equipped with a view to participating in races such as the E-box frame with a Japanese character cross part.

【KAWASAKI Z900 2019】The inverted fork, truss frame and wheel of Z 900 are ZXR900 which mounted the exterior of the ZXR series by retrofit as it is. Is GPZ900R revived in the same way?

※It is reconfiguration based on the article published in the February issue of Young Machine 2019.

Happy New Year. Thank you for visiting this website this year too! Editor-in-chief

Original Source[ Young Machine ] (*Japanese)

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