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[Scoop # 1: SUZUKI Edition]New HAYABUSA


【SUZUKI HAYABUSA New Expectation CG】 It is a husband that refines and inherits the organic curvilinear body that lasts from the first ’99. It’s an impressive line firing, ’15 Tokyo Motor Show’s Cocoon art object is the original story. F fork is a showroom electric type.

It is Panigale V4R with wing at 221ps, S1000RR of 207㎰. That ‘s beyond the limits of overseas forces before the Euro 5’ emissions regulation starting in ’20. On the other hand, how do Japanese motorcycle come out? Based on proprietary information, from the Teppan model to delusions & amp desire mix machines, this magazine will divide next year at once. Behind the Heisei’s “first dream” scoop duel battle!

Is it usually dream buzzer more special equipment even just for innovation?

The possibility that the next falcon hayabusa will appear, it is getting richer. It is from various places that the information that ”the appearance of ’20 years is certain” began to flight. The 20th anniversary of Suzuki’s founding in 20 years, it is also the year when Euro 5 is applied. It’s a great opportunity for a third full change since ’08. Although many details are unknown, “As in the past, the concept of” Ultimate Sports “does not change” (information source). As for the displacement, 1340cc units of the current type are designed with a margin, so it is possible to soup up to approximately +100cc, but it is currently unreadable.

In addition, a new patent that I thought was intended for the next falcon hayabusa was released. According to this, the frame is thinner than the current GSX – R1000, and we can expect considerable weight saving. In addition, a patent of Rear suspension that can adjust the vehicle height manually is also open. It is normal and there are few machines that can adjust the vehicle height, which will contribute to compatibility between sports performance and comfort. Meanwhile, Showa announced the electronically controlled vehicle height adjustment rear suspension “Era Height Flex” at the Milan show, but expectation are also rising that this “will be installed in the next falcons?”

About the electronic brain, I’d like to expect the common tracon, 6 axis sensor, and shifter just now for the renewal since ’08. Even in the present situation, the power performance is equal to H2 with a supercharger. There is no jumping tool such as turbo, it will evolve normally and the falcon throne can be said to be safe. In addition, the long time rival ZX-14R has been likely to end production after ’20. The falconhood of the falcon as a sole mega sports will be further increased.

The top is the patent image and the bottom is the current type falcon. The patent concerning the rear suspension and the exhaust Suzuki applied for in April ’17 is released in November 18. It is similar to the falcon in the drawing engine, but it is somewhat different, and the frame considered a new work is pretty slim. Is it also like this for the next model?

It accommodates multiple catalysts in a large chamber and achieves high environmental performance. Moreover, it has a simple structure while enhancing the silencing effect. It is two drawers for straight 4, and the machine corresponding to this is the current lineup and only Falcon. Is that two out of the next type too?

※It is a reconfiguration based on the article posted on the February issue of Young Machine 2019 (released December 22)

Happy New Year. Thank you for visiting this website this year too! Editor-in-chief

Original Source[ Young Machine ] (*Japanese)

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