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Featured Comfortable Cool Items to Beat Hot Summer!

  • 09/07/2018

I want to recommend it to people without any hesitation! Seven comfortable items with cooling effect for motorcycle overcoming the heat of summer!

Summer heat is getting cruel year by year… and not only the heat but also the hot helmet or jacket. How tough riders suffer from pain, aren’t they?
In this time, even among the comfortable goods of coolness and smoothness that make comfortable riding such summer. I tried collecting only the reputable items of users actually used!

Evaluation of users used is high! 7 selection of coolness and smoothness of motorcycle goods!

Table of Contents

•Head: Two items to keep comfort and cleanliness in the summer helmet!
•Arm: Long sleeve•glove even motorcycle ride in summer! Sunburn prevention•comfortable item 3 choice!
•Body: Troubles of riding bikes Solve unpleasant stickiness of summer! Recommended 2 high-end underwear options!

Light Clothes = Coolness is a mistake! Let’s improve the wearing comfort

If it is too hot, you would want to ride a motorcycle with a single piece of T-shirt. However, thin protection is dangerous if you think about falls and accidents by any chance.

Besides, the sunlight in the scorching sun is more intense than I expected! Riding and exposing the skin can cause “burning sunburn”, “sunstroke” .

And I would like to recommend the item, such as “High functional under clothing” etc. that will improve comfort when worn. Wearing comfortable goods is more enjoyable summer life than usual summer!

•Item 2 To keep comfort and cleanliness in the summer helmet!

Part 1: Prevent stickiness in unpleasant helmets! “RS Taichi Cool Ride Helmet Inner Cap”

The inner cap worn under the helmet keeps comfort by preventing unpleasant stuffiness of the head and stickiness. You can also prevent the sweat from soaking in the interior of the helmet and you can keep it clean.

The material uses “MICRO QUBIC®” which boasts quick drying and breathability more than twice as much as cotton.
It is because it has antibacterial and deodorant processing and it also prevents unpleasant smells and bacterial growth.

The good point is that it has two pieces so that you can use it alternately while washing the other!

•Free size
•2 pieces

•Average Rating of 4★ of users actually used!

[Webike Japan Product Page]
•RSC115 Cool Ride Helmet Inner Cap

Part 2: New idea to make a gap in the helmet and let the wind pass! “Ventilation liner for air head helmet”

A silicon pad with soft protrusions is placed inside the helmet, creating a space between the interior and the scalp. It is a mechanism to create a flow of air inside the helmet.

By improving breathability, it reduces smells inside the helmet, moisture, sweat, and hair collapse. The characteristic shape is devised to fit in the inside of any helmet. (Patented)

If used in conjunction with the “inner cap” introduced above, summer helmet measures are hot!

•Free size
•Average Rating of 3.9★ of users actually used!

[Webike Japan Product Page]
•airhead ventilation liner helmet

•Long sleeve glove riding bike even in summer! Sunburn prevention · comfortable item 3 choice!

Part 1: Prevents discomfort and sunburn caused bysweat! RSU300 Cool Ride Basic Arm Cover

There is a thing that you get on a motorcycle with a short sleeve just because of summer heat. As a result, some people may have experiences that their arms are sunburned like red burns.

Such suntan and prevents discomfort due to solid stickiness, the arm cover is an item I would like to have in midsummer! It is nice to be comfortable with a short sleeve if you take it to your destination and remove it.

•Free size
*No user reviews due to new model

[Webike Japan Product Page]
•RSU271 Cool Ride Arm Cover

Part 2: Prevent steaming and offensive odors in the riding glove! Komine Cool Max Inner Glove (GK-136)

If you consider falls, you can not wear gloves in the summer. The glove which sweat absorbed became unpleasant odor, and it is troublesome that it is hard to detach easily with stickiness. If you attach the inner glove, such trouble will be alleviated!
•Average Rating of 4.3★ of users actually used!

[Webike Japan Product Page]
•GK-136 COOLMAX Inner Gloves

Three human rum air! What? Idea goods to send the wind from the sleeve! VENTZ Benz air intake

It is an idea goods which puts on the sleeve of the jacket, takes in the outside air, discharges the hot air that stays in the upper arm ~ side area! In the maker test that conducted the temperature measurement of the upper part of the body. The sensible temperature fell by 7 degrees in 10 minutes after installation.

The entrance of the air is carefully considered, such as becoming a mesh so that no insects come in.
•Average Rating of 4.3★ of users actually used!

[Webike Japan Product Page]
•VENTZ Air Intake

•Motorcycle Troubles Solve unpleasant sticky summer! Recommended 2 high-end underwear options!

“RS Taichi Cool Ride Sports Undershirt & Pants” suitable for sports traveling with a large amount of perspiration

It is a hybrid model that promotes the cooling effect, which is most suitable for sports driving with a large amount of sweating.

The main functions are as follows.

•Sweat quickly diverges, suppressing the feeling of stickiness.
•It suppresses temperature rise in clothes by action of vaporization heat.
•High neck specification to suppress stickiness of the necklace.
-Adopting a three-dimensional pattern that fits the riding form.
-Flat seam which seam allowance does not come out to the skin side is adopted.
-Lost inner seam seam and prevent interference with the tank.
-Adopt mesh to the place that introduces running wind and the place where perspiration is easy to accumulate, and raised the cooling effect.
-Antibacterial deodorization treatment suppresses the occurrence of smell due to sweating.
•UV cut function (UV shielding ratio is over 90%).
•Average Rating of 4.5★ for users actually used!

[Webike Japan Product Page]
•RS Taichi Cool Ride Basic Undershirt and Pants!

Reasonable and wallet-friendly “RS Taichi Cool Ride Basic Undershirt & Pants”

It is reasonably priced and highly functional underwear.
The material uses RS Taichi’s original material “T-DRI FIT”, and it is smooth and comfortable state lasts.

The main functions are as follows.

•Long sleeve shirt to reduce discomfort caused by sweating.
•Reduced discomfort caused by sweating.
•Prevent dirty, clinging of the outer.
•Flat seam which enhances comfort.
-It is a mesh fabric (side aside) that increases breathability and quick drying.
•Average Rating of 4.5★ of users actually used!

[Webike Japan Product Page]
•RS Taichi Cool Ride Basic Undershirt and Pants!

Enjoy biking life with summer hot weather with full comfortable goods!

In this issue we introduced 7 items as measures against heat. Personally, I especially recommend that you feel comfortable if air passes through “Air Head” helmet.

If you actually try using any products, there is no doubt that you can not let go of that comfort
Please try!

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