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Enjoy the Outstanding Impression of BRIDGESTONE “BATTLAX HYPER SPORT S22” Tire!


[Big Machine Zero: Statement by: Tomohiko Nakamura,

Photo by: Junya Yamauchi/ BRIDGESTONE]


It has regained the uplifting and exhilarating feeling that leads to STD while maintaining the high-quality body movement unique to the SP.It is my frank impression to the MT-09SP which wore the S22.

Polish sportiness while expanding the defensive range

No, I wrote something that it is difficult to understand from the beginning, but for the MT-09 of aggressive STD rambling, the achieved SP with rear & front shock high performance is a serious sport naked?While fast/slow, even the SP can run faster, the impact on STD is higher in impact.However, the SP that wear on the S22 was not able to run fast, but it has been transformed into a machine where you can experience uplifting and exhilaration from the regular use area.

▲In the form that incorporates the trend of sports motorcycle in recent years, S22 indicates the product name on the tread surface.Of course, the edge part will disappears if you use it several times.

However, for me who had a good feeling at the S22 presentation held at the end of last year, and this change is not within the assumption, but rather I get the point!Anyway, compared to the previous S21, the S22 was quite fan-driven (By the way, the MT-09 and the SP OEM tires are S20, which hits the previous generation of S22).

At last year’s presentation, which was mainly based on the comparison of S21/22 by the same type, the first thing I admired was the difference in the safeness between cold and wet surfaces.It’s hard to say perfect in a situation where the ground switching over from straight running and turning is clearly better than S21 and S22, and in particular, the feel of the front wheels is easy to understand because the rider can knock down the motorcycle body without hesitation from the early stage.

However, what really surprised me was the mobility since the tires warmed up.Compared to the S21 which is fuzzy in a good sense, the S22 has a sharp sense of clarity, and a sense of stability that makes it easy to pull out fully the braking force when entering a corner, allow to freely choose line when turning, the rear wheels claims its presence as a driving force to enjoy the richness of traction.If you are not afraid of misunderstanding, for people who want to enjoy the sport riding on the circuit and mountain pass, which was the target for S21, the S new series is greatly polished to sports though it expanded the range of defense because of the impression of S22 series.

▲ Comparison View of the Groove Area of S21 and 22.As a way to enhance the lightness and wet performance in contrast to the increasing number of grooves in the shoulder part in both front and rear, the vicinity of the impression center approached smoothly.This change is one of the reasons for the firmness when entering the corner and the heavy traction transmitted from the rear wheel when exiting.


▲ Like the previous S21, the tread is decorated with the motif of a Japanese sword.The main models are a middle-high or higher on-road motorcycle, and the rear tire size 190 has two types of flatness.

The compatibility of S22 and MT-09SP is outstanding, and when compared with S20 STD tire wearing, all the reaction to the operation is light and direct, so it comes naturally to the mind of the rider.And, the motivation leads to an aggressive posture, and as a result, you can enjoy the uplifting and exhilaration, which is higher than the STD and SP normals, when you are running on the SP wearing S22.

I was aware of the impression in this test ride, I felt that the S22 is a sports tire that can bring out the joy of handling from the fitted motorcycle.

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