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[Easy] Introducing on how to hibernate on the motorcycle! [Its ok if doing this only]

  • 25/01/2019

Are you ready for hibernation!?

Holiday for motorcycle and areas where experiencing heavy snowfall up to spring season!

It’s an annual “hibernation” season!

It is rare to those who want “hibernate” even in areas wherein snowfall is not really heavy but,

It will be hot and the engine of the motorcycle will not start-up in case of not doing the proper “hibernation”! You may not be having any trouble with it!

To prevent that! I will teach you the trick for “easy hibernation”!

Table of Contents <You can skip to the part you want to read ↓>

Hibernation list

①Fill in fuel!

Let’s refuel in advance when hibernation!

Huh? Why having it full tank? There may be people who thinks about it but the iron-made motorcycle tank will cause rust due to the adhesion of water caused by the temperature differences from the air and the outsite temperature.

Especially during winter season, it is a season which the fuel tanks tend to rust easily due to the condensation and changes of the outside air temperature.

It can prevent the air from directly touch the interior of the tank and it can suppress the occurence of rust by fiiling it up with fuel.


However, let’s change it regularly in case of not riding the motorcycle for a long time rather than hibernation because the fuel will be deteriorates.

It is recommended when storing your motorcycle for a long time because it also has chemical in order to prevent fuel deterioration.

Click here for fuel deterioration inhibitor.(*Japanese)


As follows, but

For carburetor motorcycle, go to ②

For Fuel Injection motorcycle, go to ④


②Turn off fuel cock

It’s year end already but for those motorcycle rider whose air sucks by the carburetor

Let’s turn [OFF] the fuel cock in case of having full tank!

By the way, there are also motorcycle which does not have “OFF” in the fuel cock and [OFF] it is so called as negative pressure type fuel cock.

In that case, the fuel will not flow in case the engine is stopped, so it does not need turning it [OFF]


Skip this process because it does not have fuel cock even in a fuel injection motorcycle which fuel flowa by the electric pump!


③Pull out the fuel on the carburetor.

In case of using carburetor motorcycle, it is necessary to remove the fuel remain inside the carburetor.

The fuel wil lstick lie ka gum when the fuel is on the carburetor, and it may lead to breakdown.

Its easy to pull out.

※Please turn off the fuel cock before turning on.

1. Prepare a container to receive the fuel.

2. Loosen up the drain bolt at the bottom part of the carburetor (do not pull out the bolt!)

3.The fuel will spill out.

4. Tighten up the drain bolt when the fuel spill out.


Right? Easy, right?


Let’s process the pulled out fuel in accordance with the rules of your area.


In case you do not know the position of the drain bolt, there is also a way to hang the eninge and wait for the fuel shortage until the fuel cock set to “OFF”.

However, it is not recommended for your neighborhood inconvenience in case of working it in a closed room because it is very dangerous!


④Fill up the air pressure on the tire.

The tire is always in contact with the ground in a certain surface in case of storing it for a long time.

If this happen, the tire will be deformed in a worst case, and making it possible to demostrate its original performance when riding it.

Let’s keep the proper air pressure in order not to prevent that.


As the method of storing all the tire, it is recommended not to use the maintenance stand to ground the tire!

Since maintenance stand is a useful item which make a big success during chain cleaning, so how about 1pc. of maintenance stand at home? This is your opportunity!


Click here for WEBIKE Recommended J-TRIP maintenance stand.



⑤Remove the battery


The battery will spontaneously discharge in case the terminal is connected even if you are not using it.

The battery runs out when riding during spring! In order to avoid such situation, remove the battery from the motorcycle body or take out the terminal.

Let’s do the removal in order negative (black) → position (Red).

Let’s keep the removed battery in a cool and dark place with a little temperature change in a place not affected by rain and charge regularly.


It is recommended to use the charger even with functions and connectivity which removes sulfation that causes battery deterioration when supplementary charging.

Click here for the Recommended Tech Mate: Optimate 6 with sulfation removal function.

Click here for Recommended AZ battery: ACH-200, its Ok if you leave it tie.


The battery life varies widely depending on the usage and climate/maintenance condition but it is said that it will take approxiamtely 2 to 3 years on average.

It is recommended to replace the battery when ride on spring in case your battery is about 3 years on using it!

Be careful with the vmotorcycles that are equipped with fuel injections and electronic devices which have become in demand in recent years because the load on the battery is high!

Click here for the battery detail.(*Japanese)


⑥ Finally, put on the motorcycle cover.

Let’s put on the motorcycle cover when everything is ready!

It is recommended especially for those who are storing their motorcycle outside.

Since outdoor are exposed to weather, the copper and rubber, plastic parts are likely to deteriorates. I saw a motorcycle during spring, I guess it’s ridiculous.

Also, please make sure to put on the motorcycle cover because it can reduce theft posibilities by covering it.


You will get distracted with the black by using the jet back!! Click here for WEBIKE Recommended DAYTONA motorcycle cover.

Artist’s technique shines?! Click here for WEBIKE Recommended Motorcycle Cover.


How was it?

For the rider’s who do not ride a motorcycle during winter season, at the very least, you will do what we have introduced this time!

And, please do not forget to replace the maintenance and each consumable parts!

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