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DUNLOP α13 SP Racing Tire Overview

  • 15/08/2016

Today, I’d like to introduce DUNLOP’s new racing tire, α-13SP.

It’s named α-13SP but is the new model for Umbeaten-03 (Rracing Tire).
The big difference with the new model is the compound. It’s made with compounds to beat the PIRELLI DIABLO SUPERCORSA V2. The tire is very soft and has improved grip performance. Due to increased rigidity, it will offer flexibility when cornering.
It was chosen for racing tires at the JP250 Class Road Race which was newly established this year.
At the JP250 Class race, tire warmers are not allowed to be used. So the tires are made to offer good grip without the use of warmers. It is highly recommended to riders who don’t have a warmer or riders who prefer take a ride to the circuit on their motorcycle.

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α13 SP Racing Tire

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