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Does anyone can tell, what really is a recommended motorcycle exhaust system?

  • 18/09/2018

Maybe there are a lot of people who consider the customize of the exhaust system at the same time as the transfer of the motorcycle this season that the new vehicles are announced one after another from each manufacturer.

However, the Exhaust System manufacturer is lightly more than 100 when it is combined Japan and overseas, and it will be confusing which one to choose with various price ranges, appearance, performance and quality.

The one big point that whether it corresponds to the Japanese vehicle inspection or non-correspondence as a criterion when choosing the exhaust system.

However, this standard is very vague, and there is no clearly stated thing at present.

It introduces one that can really purchase with confidence, based on that consideration.

•Table of Contents

    1. 1. Regulation of mounting OEM Exhaust System that significantly changed
    2. 2. Regulation of Customize Exhaust System
    3. 3. Is JMCA = Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence?
    4. 4. Is the import Exhaust System illegal?
    5. 5. Reason why the Exhaust System with “Race Exclusive Products” is marketed
    6. 6. Real Exhaust System now can be recommended (Japan Production)
    7. 7. Real Exhaust System now can be recommended (Import)
    8. 8. Recommended Exhaust System (Summary)

1. Regulation of mounting OEM Exhaust System that significantly changed

Did you know that the regulations have been changed to the OEM new motorcycle exhaust system at the end of last year?

To put it simply, it’s time to adjust the volume/emission control of the Exhaust System to the European Regulations.

Previously, the vehicle manufacturer was producing 2 models of Japan specifications according to the export specifications for overseas markets (Corresponds with Euro Regulation) and the regulations of Japan.

There is a big advantages that production/development costs are suppressed, by the enforcement of the new system in the future, because only one model common to all the world will be produced.


The regulations of the exhaust system are large and there are 2-types of regulations: “Volume” and “Emission”.

Regarding to Emission, the regulation of Japan and European Regulation have not changed so much (rather European regulation is more severe than regulation in Japan), but as for the volume, there was one big difference.

There are 2-types of sound volume regulation in Japan, “Proximity” and “Acceleration”, but in Europe, there is no proximity noise by the regulation of only the acceleration noise.

Therefore, the regulation in Japan is only the Acceleration Sound Volume, and the measurement of the Proximity Noise Volume is only described on the plate in the new motorcycle.

However, this new regulation is only for motorcycles that were produced after October 1, 2016.

Previously produced motorcycle will be subject to the previous exhaust system regulations.

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2. Regulation of Customize Exhaust System

The regulations for exhaust system are specified by the Road Trucking Vehicle Law.

In this way, it defines the specified value and measurement method of the volume/emission concerning the exhaust system, and the following 2 matters are required.

  • ① The end baffle can not be attached/detached easily.
  • ② It is required to display “Performance Checked” on the exhaust system body, and the Performance Certification by a public institution is required.

Nowadays, there is an accident happen that has been caught by the street inspection, but the actual volume measurement method is not easy to do on the street, and it actually seems that the above 2 matters are the point of inspection.

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3. Is JMCA = Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence?

If it says from the conclusion JMCA = immediate/not for Japanese Vehicle Inspection Correspondence.

It is an exhaust system that corresponds the performance requirement only to the last JMCA certification = (at the time of inspection).

Therefore, it becomes an illegal exhaust system if it is required to undergo the inspection even if it is a JMCA-certified exhaust system, and exceeds the restriction value by the deterioration of the exhaust system when measuring Japanese Vehicle Inspection.


In the first place, JMCA is not a government agency nor a Law.

To put it briefly, it is like a union activity where each exhaust system manufacturer gathers.

Regarding to the Exhaust System, it enacted its own standards according to the law, and it is an organization that has received certification from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism after filing the criteria to the ministry.

Therefore, it is not illegal to have a JMCA plate.

It is OK if there is an indication that performance verification by the public inspection organization has been done in compliance with the law standards, even the manufacturer’s not joining JMCA.

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4. Is the import Exhaust System illegal?

Some people recognize import Exhaust System = illegal, but in reality it is not.

Even though it is an import exhaust system, if the volume and the value of the emission are within the specified value range of the law, and if it corresponds to the following 2 matters, it will be compatible with the import exhaust system as well as the Japanese Vehicle Inspection.

  • ① The end baffle can not be attached/detached easily.
  • ② It is required to display “Performance Checked” on the exhaust system body, and the Performance Certification by a public institution is required.

The reason for the small import exhaust system which received the JMCA certification is that it is OK if there is a display indicating the European regulation correspondence called E-mark in the law concerning the display of “Performance Checked” which corresponds to the above-mentioned ②. In the case of JMCA, it is not admitted that there is a regulation correspondence only with the E-mark, and it is required to take the examination separately when obtaining JMCA certification.

Regarding Europe Regulations and Emission Regulations, there are many cases that are stricter than the Japanese Regulation Values, and Catalyzer (in some cases, sold separately) is mounted, and if it is an exhaust system corresponding to the E mark, it almost fits within the regulations.

Regarding the volume as well, if the vehicle has a Proximity Noise Value of the original exhaust system of 94db or less, the regulation of the E mark is almost equal to the OEM value, so it is often the case within the regulation.

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5. Reason why the Exhaust System with “Race Exclusive Products” is marketed

There is something that is described as “Race Exclusive Product” in the exhaust system that can be ordinarily purchased.

Moreover, looking at the model, it is a vehicle that is not seen in the race.

There is a provision that it is required to indicate either “Japanese Government Certification” or “Racing Exclusive Product” for the exhaust system that members can sell/handle, as a reason why these exhaust systems are on the market in the JMMCA membership agreement.

In other words, “Do not sell” is not a regulation, for some reason, if you sell an exhaust system that is not regulated, it is currently sold as a “Race Exclusive Product” and is listed in the exhaust system Body and the outer box.

In the case of “Race Exclusive Exhaust System”, the cost related to the regulation is not included as well as catalyzer (usually high in platinum), so the price seems to be attractive, cheaper than the regulated product, but it is not recommended in case of using on public roads because it will be subject to punishment.

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6. Real Exhaust System now can be recommended (Japan Production)

It can be recommended that the exhaust system manufacturer employed by the Works Team in the race.

As a reason, the manufacturer is basically adopting a stable performance, including the output and its characteristics, as well as high durability.

In addition, a part of the race motorcycle is a prototype of the next model often, and it is because there are many cases that are built over a sufficient development period than the other companies in the exhaust system development including the procurement of the test vehicle.


It is an Exhaust System brand representing Japan.

The Suzuki color seems to be strong because it has participated in Suzuka 8-hours resistance for many years in “YOSHIMURA SUZUKI”, but there is a lot of other motorcycle lineup.

•Click here for the list of YOSHIMURA Exhaust System


It is currently the most dense manufacturer of KAWASAKI and it has a number of strong exhaust system manufacturers of KASAKI images.

It also adopts the Work Race Team of the road race.

The development of new vehicles is fast, and the manufacturer’s installation events are frequent.

•Click here for the list of BEET Exhaust System


It does not mean that all exhaust system makers used in the race are good.

The performance characteristics are built on the assumption of the use in the general public road, and there is the one that the law regulations correspond to be able to use it with confidence.

r’s gear(*Japanese)

It is an exhaust system that shaped the commitment of former GP rider Mr. Hiwatashi.

During development, he boarded himself and continues to seek the best characteristics for use on the public road.

It is a manufacturer with a high evaluation from overseas, because of its commitment to hand bending and the goodness of making it over the details.

•Click here for the list of r’s gear Exhaust System

SP TADAO(*Japanese)

It is in the midst of many manufacturers focusing on the display of peak power, “feeling Yee!” It is a manufacturer that pursued the sensory performance when riding.

There are many lineups regardless of the type of motorcycle, especially YAMAHA motorcycle is one of the attractions.

•Click here for the list of SP TADAO Exhaust System

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7. Real Exhaust System now can be recommended (Import)

Many imported exhaust systems have innovative designs not found in Japanese manufacturers.

There are also many fascinations different from Japanese exhaust system makers, such as import motorcycle and also for motorcycle not being lineup by Japanese manufacturers.

On the other hand, many of the import exhaust systems are not developed with awareness of Japanese Regulations.

Of course, there are many cases that it does not correspond to Japanese Regulations.

In addition, there are a few cases where there is a problem in the supply of the delivery time and the replacement parts if the import source is not a firm motorcycle trading company.

The following manufacturers are manufacturers that can put trust in the above and can purchase with confidence.


It is a manufacturer of Slovenia to be adopted as an OEM option of each motorcycle manufacturer.

It has been adopted by many Works teams, even at the top of each race category including MotoGP.

The high quality is undoubtedly the pinnacle of the world, and the power graph of all the exhaust system is released from the point that it shows the commitment to quality and confidence.


On the other hand, it actively involved in environmental considerations and volume regulation, and almost all of the exhaust system are corresponding with European Regulations.

In Japan, the ACTIVE is the import source, and it corresponds from replacement parts to repair.

Recently, it is going to regulatory corresponding, by acquiring JMCA certification as an import source.

•Click here for the list of AKRAPOVIC Exhaust System

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8. Recommended Exhaust System (Summary)

Of course, there is good exhaust system other than the manufacturers mentioned above this time.

Whether it is repeated, it is an important point when choosing an exhaust system, whether to have the following 3 matters.

– Stable Performance

– Enhancement of warranty service, such as repair

– Laws and Regulation Correspondence

Most of the people who buy exhaust system are used on public roads.

That is why it is better to choose an exhaust system that can be used even more satisfying in an exhaust system firmly corresponding with laws and regulations.

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