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BS New Sports Tire “S22” Test Drive Report Purely corner is fun! Wet is also a safe new-generation tire

  • 03/01/2019

[Kenny Sagawa: Webike News Editor in Chief]

Bridgestone’s new sports radial tire “BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S22” test drive for media was held. Webike bike news editor and two wheel journalist Kenny Sakawa tested the best!

S22 is a successor model of S21 which has been adopted as OE tires for many sports bikes and has been supported by a wide range of riders for replacement use. By adopting the newly designed pattern and compound in S22, wet performance is raised while further improving dry grip performance and lightness. In addition to the original superior sports performance, it is finished in a wide range tire that can travel safely even on weather change and wet road surface.

By the way, it is also taken up as an OE tire of 2019 model “Ninja ZX – 6R” which was announced recently. For details of the product specifications of S22, please refer to the following.

The test ride was held on Bridgestone’s exclusive test course in Tochigi Prefecture. Various situations such as high-speed circuit, dry handling path imitating winding, wet handling road reproducing rainy weather are set in a large site, and it is a facility that can comprehensively evaluate the performance of the tire. Test cars equipped with S21 of the conventional model were also prepared with S22, and I think that we can deliver a clear impression because we could compare at the same time.

Excellent sense of security even in the ultra high speed range

In a high-speed circulation route of 4 km per lap, it was tested with a variety of high-spec models including falcons, GSX-R1000R and YZF-R1.
First I felt grip feeling when cold. From the start of the ride there were plenty of contacts with the road surface, and from the first lap I was able to raise the pace rapidly. It is said that S22 adopts a newly developed compound rising from the low temperature range, but the benefit was immediately felt.

In addition, fine grain silica which improves wet performance is effective for initial grip even if it is dry. Rather than being stubborn and rigid feeling, it is a type that feels a firm response in soft touch, it also has good linearity stability and good responsiveness to fall down even with light input.

Is this stability and the goodness of response not the true speed of S22? It is a vertical G world where comfortably over 250 km / h over straight in the high-speed circuit, and over 160 km / h in the high-speed bank, but the stability that makes you feel completely uneasy in such areas is wonderful. Heat generation of the tire after traveling was also small, and almost no surface roughness was seen.

▲ S22 Front

▲ S22 Rear

It’s rich in ground touch and comfortable ride

Even on dry roads the performance of S22 stands out. CBR 1000 RR, Ninja 650 and YZF-R1 were prepared as test cars, but I personally felt compatibility with R1 was pikaichi. Handling was exceptionally light and power source was easy to handle, rich in ground touch with the road surface, and cornering was stable.

The damping characteristics are also excellent, and as a sports tire it is excellent in comfortable riding. Although it was an undulating course that imitated winding, I always had a sense of security, so I can dare to switch backwards, and even in the process leading to full banks, my sense of security was higher than in S21. To one person it is refreshing. And cornering is pure fun!

Structurally it seems that it almost follows S21, so I think that the merit of this is due to the improvement of the compound. On the other hand, rubber was softer than S21, so it seemed that wear slightly advanced in S22.

Nature and pace will rise even wet

On the wet road I understood the difference from S21 more clearly. Although the test car was R6, S21 was slightly diluted on the road contact, and as the pace was raised, I felt that it would be impossible to imitate it, but on the other hand S22 has a rich sense of contact since I started running The pace will rise while you do not know.

There is plenty of traction on the front wheels at the braking and traction at the rear wheels at the corner rise, even if the heavy wet as the water flows on the road advance the machine forward. Compounds and grooves in the wet and heavy-duty zone near the middle bank from the center are also optimized, so you can be confident that you are OK if you use it. It is merit that it is less tired because you can relax and leave your body to the machine.

Universal sports tire that can be recommended for a wide range of riders

I tried on a variety of models from mega sports to the latest super sports, big naked, but matching with S22 was good regardless of category.

Dry roads are sometimes referred to as road mu and layout as close to winding, confirming the ease of handling in an environment similar to general use and grip performance that can be relieved. It was also impressive that the ground touch easy to understand on the wet road surface and the outstanding stability feeling in the super high speed range were also impressive.

From a total point of view, it can be said that it can be said that it is just a new generation of universal sports tires that can cover a wide range from street use to circuit driving with just one.

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