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Bridgestone New Sports Tire BATTLAX Hyper Sport S22 Test Ride Impression

  • 26/04/2019

A general public road where the situation changes every moment, as well as being unreadable. In such a situation, it is BATTLAX HYPER SPORT S22 that becomes Bridgestone’s new sport tire that demonstrates its worth.

The way of sharpening leads to pleasure

It seems to have enhanced the sense of lightness and wet performance, but the basic concept is the keep concept. I read the S22 materials before the test, and I had such an impression. After all, the predecessor S21 has a high reputation in the market and I personally liked it. However, S22 which changed the groove shape of the center part at the same time by increasing the groove area of the shoulder part by making a complete review of the compound and changing the groove shape of the center part was different from the first generation.

In this test drive mainly based on the comparison of S21 / 22 with the same model, what I first admired was the difference in the sense of security on cold and wet road surfaces. I did not feel anxious about S21, but in a situation where it can not be said completely, the feeling of touch when shifting from upright to turning is higher than S22 by one rank. Above all, the feeling of ground contact on the front wheels is so refreshing that the rider can knock down the car body from the early stages without hesitation.

However, what I was really surprised then was the mobility after the tires got warm. Compared with S21 which has a vague characteristic in a good sense, S22 is clearly sharp and stable enough to pull out the braking force fully when entering a corner, feeling free to choose a line freely when turning, corner At the time of escape, you can enjoy the rich traction that the rear wheels claim to have a presence as a driving force. For those who would like to enjoy sports riding in the winding as opposed to S21, which was the target for everyone, if I was afraid of misunderstanding, my impression on S22 is that the new S22 I came to brush on sports well.

[Left: BATTLAX Hyper Sport S21] S21, which appeared in 2016, is the first sport tire to adopt ULTIMAT EYE, Bridgestone’s original analysis technology. This product, which gained support from many riders, is also known for its genuine adoption by four Japanese manufacturers. [Right: BATTLAX Hyper Sport S22] A sports tire released in February 2019, the successor to the S21. The main models are on-road vehicles of middle and higher.

The person who had a favorable feeling for the moderate fuzziness of S21 may be slightly puzzled by S22 which sharpened clearly. However, if the rider shows a positive approach, the S22 should teach any rider the fun of sport riding.

Fun to operate that became clearer than predecessor

I love sports riding and participate in circuit races several times a year, but the main street is winding. S22 is a tire that I want to recommend to such riders, I can feel the “action response” to surpass the previous S21.

Explain the technology introduced in S22

[Indicated product name on the edge of the tread surface] In addition to general sidewalls, S22 also indicates the product name on the tread surface. The tread is engraved with a thin, shallow groove with a Japanese sword motif and a decorative groove as in the previous S21. Of course, if you use these parts several times, they will disappear.

[Improved wetness while improving lightness] Compared with the previous S21, S22 expanded the groove area of ​​the shoulder. Depending on the point of view, although it is a change that is not a sport tire, the expansion of the groove area greatly contributes to the improvement of lightness and wet performance.

[Dry and wet, completely beat S21! S22 aimed at the highest peak of the sports tire world, completely surpassed the predecessor. It is said that life to be worried about is equal to S21 said to be 7000-9000km in the market.

[Increase the groove of the shoulder and reduce the center] Contrary to the shoulder portion, the groove area near the center is smaller than in S21. A great sense of stability when entering a corner and the heavy traction from the rear wheels when leaving seems to benefit from this change.

[It is strong in wet with “fine particle size silica”! The compound is divided into 3 fronts and 5 rears, and the newly developed fine particle diameter silica is introduced to the rear center.

Silica is a material that is directly linked to improved wet performance, and the smaller S22 rear has a 25% improvement in contact area between the silica and road surface compared to S21.

Size Lineup & Suggested Retail Price/h2>

120/70ZR17 (58 W): 22,734 yen

160/60ZR17 (69W): 30,510 yen
180/55ZR17 (73W): 33,588 yen
190/50ZR17 (73W): 34,236 yen
190/55ZR17 (75W): 35,100 yen
200/55ZR17 (78W): 37,206 yen

● Statement: Tomohiko Nakamura ● Photo: Bridgestone / Young Machine Editor

Original Source[ YOUNG MACHINE ] (*Japanese)

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