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Assemble YZR-M1 that is “The Strongest Rider in History” Valentino Rossi’s favourite machine on 1/4 big scale

  • 08/02/2019

It is Valentino Rossi, legend racer from Italy who has nominated MotoGP annual champion nine times and is the most popular in Japan. I got a chance to get the big scale model of the YAMAHA YZR-M1 he was driving at the 2016 MotoGP World Championship. “Weekly YAMAHA YZR – M1 Valentino – Rossi Model” (No. 92) will be launched from Deagosini familiar with the craft magazine which assembles parts that are bundled little by little as an appendix for each issue.

It is a pleasure to assemble elaborate & authentic miniature racing bikes with their own hands.

YZR-M1 completed by completing this craft magazine is a powerful 1/4 scale with a Overall Length of 54.0 cm × Overall Width 18.0 cm × Overall Height 29.6cm. It uses many metal parts, and it has been finished as a sophisticated and heavy-weighted display model to machine design and mechanical parts.

Valentino ROSSI

Valentino ROSSI

The 1/4 scale model YZR – M1 is modeled after super – precision 3D scanning of the actual vehicle, grips, brakes, clutches and the like are also movable as they are. Especially the brake pedal and the clutch are reproduced to the click sound. Also, the rear cushion absorber traces the structure and function of the actual car accurately. The muffler seems to be committed to reproducing the details of the structure by photo etching.





It includes an official magazine that knows all about Rossi and YZR-M1, along with the assembly parts of every item. It is a technique unique to Deagostini in Italy whose headquarters is introducing it with valuable race photographs while introducing the locus of the race that Rossi fought and a brilliant achievement after the first participation in 2000 MotoGP. Moreover, it is a dissection of the mechanism of YZR-M1 and the styleness of input technology thoroughly in the paper. In addition, a step by step assembly guide (+ assembly tool) is also included so that anyone can finish the machine while having fun.

週刊YAMAHA YZR-M1バレンティーノ・ロッシモデル

It includes official magazines that understand all of Rossi and YZR-M1.

In addition, as for the first issue, as a special gift complete model sized double-sided poster will be attached, and all purchasers from the first issue to the 15th issue will be presented with original mobile battery charger with Rossi logo.

週刊YAMAHA YZR-M1バレンティーノ・ロッシモデル

(Left) It is the model original size poster of the first issue issue special gift. (Right) First issue – Issue 15 Mobile buyer charger for all purchasers.

“Weekly YAMAHA YZR-M1 Valentino Rossi Model” is published in all 92 issues. The first issue is released March 19, 2019, special price 499 yen including tax. From the second issue onwards, it will be sold at tax special price 1,657 yen + tax.

* Information Service: Deagostini Japan

Original Source[ Young Machine ] (*Japanese)

See YAMAHA Moto Index Page

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