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ADVANTAGE: Pursuing Ultimate “EXACT Forged Magnesium Wheel”


[Big Machine Zero: Statement and Photo by: Daisuke Hakozaki

Many riders know that a lightweight custom wheel will be changed the maneuverability of the machine. Here, I will introduce the EXACT Wheel released by ADVANTAGE. It featured the Magnesium Forging Process of Made-in-Japan which is adhered to thoroughly.

The quality of safety has been cleared through a strict test

In the first place, What forging process is made by applying pressure to the mold that is the base of the product and increasing the molecular density and molding to provide excellent strength. EXACT is manufactured at a factory in Japan that can forge magnesium ingot, the basis of its material, at an ultra-high pressure of 8,000 tons. This is why they use large-scale machining centers to cut out thoroughly forged ingot into the shape of wheels.

▲ It also features an ultra-thin 10-spoke design. The gunmetal and silver are available, and from the large engine displacement to 250cc has been supported. It also has set for the aluminum forging of “EXACT II (280,800- yen)”.

▲ The hub of the front wheel is machined from 7075 aluminium alloy ingot by a machining center, and it is exclusive product with Kashima Coat for each model.

▲ The rear wheel hub also has a hub damper with the same quality as the front wheel hub. The 7075 aluminium alloy sprockets are also included in the wheel kit.

The EXACT Wheel has been conducted a strict product inspection. It has been released on the market after it has been undergone numerous tests such as impact resistance, twisting strength, a tensile strength in the Enkei Test & Laboratory (the largest wheel inspection company in Japan).

▲ From the material, the production process, until the product inspection is in Japan. It is finished in safe quality in detail quality control because it is Japanese factory.

▲ The accuracy, strength, weight, durability and reliability are combined in the top level, and it is also used in Suzuka 8hours endurance race and JSB machines.

The conflicting points of lightness and strength required for custom wheels have also been achieved through precise calculation and advantage technologies. The wheel greatly affects the handling stability of a motorcycle. Please try “EXACT wheel” for your motorcycle.

Level up the running performance with aluminum swingarm!

The swingarm give a great effect on running performance. The main members part of the ADVANTAGE aluminum swingarm has been adopted the Triple-box hexagonal cross section of 7N01 aluminum alloy. It has both high rigidity and lightweight. The pivot part is a needle bearing specification that can be adopted precisely because of its high accuracy. The Product for ZEPHYR1100 in the photo is 205,200 yen included tax.

▲ Chain adjuster is possible to choose from U-shaped other than OW type in the photo. The block is cut out product by NC machining. It is possible to align adjustment accurately.

▲ A high precision axle shaft is included. Chain Adjuster Block is separate from the part that receives the shaft. You can keep it for a long time by replacing this part.

▲ Black anodized finishing is also available as an option. The photo is for GSX1100S KATANA. 194,400 yen included tax. In addition, it is possible to accept a made-to-order product for swingarm even it is not in the lineup model.

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