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6.5 mm thick ultra-thin Intercom CALDO “PACKTALK SLIM”.

  • 08/01/2019

[BIG Machine Zero: Written by Numao Hiroaki
Photo by Yamauchi Junya]

Caldo has a top-class share in Europe and North America. In Japan, sales have been strong since the landing in May 18.

“Pack Talk Slim” was added in last September, it was incredibly thin and almost the same function as the highest peak pack talk bold introduced in Issue 5, while achieving an overwhelming thinness of 6.5 mm by separating the battery.

Perfect for people who want to be quiet and aerodynamic in addition to luxury features

It can be said that the function covers almost all what the current intercom can do. In addition to voice commands in Japanese, DMC & Bluetooth communication, which makes it easy to listen to music and navigation, built-in FM while talking, simultaneous call with 15 people, waterproof performance of IP 67, etc. In slim, since the antenna doubles as a mounting clamp and enters the inside of the helmet, the maximum communication distance became slightly shorter from 1.6 km of bold to 1.2 km. Still it is too luxurious package.

When you actually run, you can not mind the wind noise at 100 km/h.The intercom, which incorporates functions in a battery-integrated manner, inevitably becomes large, and wind noise is generated from approximately 50km/h. The sound becomes louder with each increase in speed, and it becomes a jammer of conversation and music, but there is no problem at all in this work. At a higher speed, it tends to blur in the running wind, but this is also none.The battery is located in the center of the rear, and the body is light, so it is easy to move.

Boasting the same features as the top-end model is valuable. It’s perfect for users seeking aerodynamic helmets and Super Sport.

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CALDO “PACKTALK SLIM” Product Information

▲ Battery integrated type, top model bold is 25 mm thick. On the other hand, the slimness is really thin as 6.5 mm. With its little overhang, it is also advantageous that it’s easily to fit in a helmet housing such as a scooter.

Separated Battery Arrangement

▲ By making the battery separate type, we succeeded with the lightweight slimming of the operating part. For mounting, combine each of the two kinds of clamps and skirts, and insert them between the hat body & interior. Check helmets on the web.

Volume adjustment with lower button

▲ The buttons on the intercom, the media and the phone are similar to the bold. It Added volume button at the bottom instead of jog dial. It is easy to operate even in all gloves. Voice recognition that can be manipulated by talking is also alive and well.

You can also operate from the application!

▲Using the Cardo Conect app, the pairing is effortless accessible with other Bluetooth intercom. If mounted to the motorcycle on the operation panel, settings and group management is easy.

■ Tax included price: 43,000 yen (single) / 82,080 yen (DUO)
■ Maximum calling distance: 1.2 km (maximum of 5 km at maximum calling number)
■ Maximum Number of Callers: 15
■Connection method: Dynamic Mesh & Bluetooth 4.1
■ Maximum continuous talk time: 13 hours

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Click here for the PACKTALK SLIM Product Page

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