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[2nd Series] 2018 Test Drive Impression of the New SUPER CUB C125


The C125 can be said that it is the first SUPER CUB of the past that steered from commercial to personal use. There was a quite sportiness inside the fine design will elegant! *Young Machine November Issue of 2018 (Released on September 22)

Characteristics of the engine that makes you want to pull

It is a frank impression that it is surprisingly close to sports. For example, if it is 110 of SUPER CUB, it shifts up with the pom-pom by taking advantage of stickiness from low rotation, and it is an image of riding, such as mechanical noises unique to CUB called whining and enjoying a smooth pastoral engine feel …. However, it looks a bit different with a premium new face C125.

At first, it is a characteristic that shows the difference in strength of middle to high revolution and it is nothing more than 110 from idling. It sounds a crispy sound (that’s why the “Whining” sounds cannot be heard) and the engine did not differ much from 110 just after launching or in the low speed range. In short, it is an impression that is possible to enjoy the margin of the displacement only by pulling the Engine. It encourages such an impression to feel the stagnation that comes off from the power band on shift up, when the gear ratio with the 2nd gear is distant, or 1st gear is not pulling up to approximately 40km/h. It is somewhat to wonder if these “Real Warrior” characteristics are like in Thailand, where C125 considers C125 the main market, and whether it is the strength of the heartbeat feeling and the vibration stronger than 110 in the whole area is also a sports organization…

[HONDA SUPER CUB C125 2018 Model, Japan Specification Price: 399,600 Yen, Color: Blue] The Motif is registered in 1958.
It features a texture that emphasizes personal use in the field’s first CUB C100. The development and production are both from Thailand.

Fully Equipped such as Suspension and Shift Indicator

However, the shift feel is the smoothness which seems to be the best in recent of CUB’s, and it is definitely higher than 110, such as the feeling of safety that can be able to lay down the motorcycle without anxiety, and there is a little reason of the calmness of the front wheels that the motorcycle body was also tough at 50 to 60km/h. As it gets familiar with front wheel disc brakes, the 110 front wheel drums are somewhat unreliable, and the suspensions in front and rear also set a big gap and it sank so as to be tumbling down to 110, and the C125 has an impression that the hard spring straddle with it. There is no doubt that the overall quality is rising because of the frames are basically common, although there is no clear difference to such feeling of rigidity.

In addition, the smart key and other high-class equipment is convenient after all, and the shift indicator of Japan CUB’s first adoption was very useful among them. The thought that it is necessary to have more riders to ride only the SUPER CUB, which becomes a rotary type mission when stopping.

The seat height of the 780mm is 45mm higher than 110, and foot arrival floats the heel of both feet a little. Therefore, the handle is felt slightly lower, and the upper body has the impression to lean forward very slightly in the 110 ratio. The height of the rider is 170cm and the weight is 70kg.

It is conscious of the successive SUPER CUB, and it is a unique gull-type handlebar which lifted both ends. It is full of high class equipment, such as smart key and electronic seat unlocking to full LED.

The speedometer is displayed on the LCD part in the center, such as the number of gear steps, time and remaining fuel with full scale 120km/h. It is also high in texture, such as 3D configuration and surrounding chromium plating trim.

[Right] Around the Front Disc + Cast Legs, the suspension stroke is extended by 10mm front and Rear 19mm by a 110 ratio. [Left] The engine which raised the output based on WAVE 125i of overseas specification motorcycle also follows high quality feeling with high precision gear and bearing.

Main Specification •Overall Length: 1915/Overall Width: 720/Overall Height: 1000/Wheelbase: 1245/Seat Height: 780 (each mm)/Weight: 110kg (Equipment) •Air-cooled 4-stroke Single Cylinder SOHC 2 valve 124㏄ 9.7 ㎰/7500rpm 1.0㎏-m/5000rpm Transmission Type 4-stages Return *Fuel Tank Capacity 3.7L/•Brake F=Disc, R=Drum/•Tire F=70/90-17, R=80/90-17 *Rotary type when stopped

Original Source[ YOUNG MACHINE ] (*Japanese)

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