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2018 MFJ All Japan Road Race Championship Series Round 9 Mie Prefecture SUZUKA Circuit

  • 12/12/2018
492 (1)

November 3, 2018 (Saturday) Official Qualifying, Weather: Sunny Course: Dry
November 4, 2018 (Sunday) Finals Weather: Rain Course: Wet

#230 Tomoyoshi Koyama
Qualifying: P.P. (2’12″983)
Finals: 10th Place
Series Ranking: 2nd Place

#55 Takuma Kunimine
Qualifying: 5th (2’13″626)
Finals: 8th Place
Series Ranking: 4th Place

#430 Shun Kamei
Qualifying: 20th (2’16″023)
Finals: 21st
Series Ranking: 25th Place

November 3, 2018 All Japan Road Race Championship Series Round 9

The Result of doing everything until the end.
The Goddess of triumph did not smile.

It is the All Japan Road Race Championship with the final round of the series in the Mie Prefecture SUZUKA Circuit.

Tomoyoshi Koyama of Japan Post HONDA Dream, who has been fighting for the championship in the tournament held in Tochigi Prefecture, Twin Ring Motegi in April, won the 7th race Autopolis and was on the top of the provisional ranking at SUZUKA.

The player Okamoto has been competing for the title and only 1 point is different.

The one who finished with a goal was a simple figure called a champion.

The race week started with a special sports ride Thursday a day earlier than usual.

Koyama showed a good performance and no matter what the pressure of the title battle, he marked the top time from the first session and all four sessions to the top time on Friday until the second time.

Only one person won the pole position in 2-minutes 12-seconds, even in the official qualifying session on Saturday.

On the other hand, the rival player Okamoto was the 7th player and third row to start, and the flow seemed to be suitable for Koyama.

There was no team order, but Takuma Kunimine seemed to be involved in the support of Koyama in some cases, but Kunimine’s own condition was now in one state.

It still challenges the race for 5th qualifying.

Shun Kamei was the 20th fastest in qualifying for the time at his own pace while listening to the advice of Director Satoru Iwata and Koyama.

It was so blessed with fine weather from Thursday to Saturday, but it turned to rain on Sunday.

It is possible for Koyama to have the speed which can be greatly separated from the 2nd or less if it is in a dry condition, but riding of wet condition in the warm-up ride of 15-minutes makes it possible to fight for the top but judge that it will be difficult to escape.

It calmly went to the grid thinking about going around in front of the rival while watching the surroundings.

The final match that was contested in the 10 lap of 2 lap subtraction for the wet declaration.

Koyama, who showed a good start from the pole position, took a hole shot and Kunimine also cleared the first corner with 6th place and goes up the position.

It is only the lap of only 10 laps that other riders positively set in from the first lap as expected by Koyama.

Okamoto, who competes for the title, also went to the front of Koyama with the opening lap chicane, and Koyama entered the 2nd lap in 3rd.

Kunimine who saw this, thought that Koyama’s pace would not rise, and that would go ahead and make it easy to fight.

The top fight, Sanu Yuto and Okamoto, Kunamine joins there and develops a fierce battle.

Koyama pulled it one step, and watched the development.

The race also goes into the 6th lap of fate just past the turning back.

Kunimine was battling the top with a player Sanu Yuto who showed an aggressive ride as usual.

It becomes a form that Sanu Yuto enters in the inn of Kunimine which rides the top in the approach of the Degner curve and rides out of the Dunlop corner.

Kunimine slowed down to stay on course, and contacted Koyama, who came in with a normal ingress speed.

Koyama raised the machine to avoid falling and went off the course great.

Kunimine is also delayed.

In this rainy day accident, Koyama dropped the position to 12th, and Kunimine had become the 9th fastest.

The possibility of the title was Koyama that almost disappeared, but it fought, the race till the end and was a checker in 10th place.

It finished the 2018 season in 2nd place series rankings.

Kunimine is in 8th place, and Kamei comes in contact with other motorcycle and out of courses and finished in 21th place.


A word from players

Comment by Tomoyoshi Koyama

It is an important race that the champion took, but in a dry season it was a pole position for the entire session with a 14-year history.

The race, which became in a wet condition was piled up the circumference while watching the appearance calmly.

It was known that the race was difficult.

For the next season, I will devote myself to be able to ride stronger.

Thanks to all of whom supported the Japan Post, and for being able to finish the all Japan Road Race Championship safely.

Thank you very much.

Comment by Takuma Kunimine

Until the qualifying, I had a hard time riding quite well, but the final day was raining and I felt a good feeling in the wet conditions, so I thought it would be nice if Koyama could move to catch the title.

At the beginning, I thought that Koyama’s pace was not going up, and I was thinking of going out to the top to stir the race.

This season, I was able to ride on a team with Koyama, and it was a valuable experience for me to understand that there are still some things that are lacking in the mental and technical aspects.

I would like to thank all the sponsors, the supporters, and the team who started Japan Post.

Comment by Shun Kamei

Thanks to the advice of Koyama, Director Iwata, and Teshima national team, I was able to take steps to improve my time, and went to the race with the goal of a single finish.

The course is out in contact with another motorcycle in the place that went up to 14th fastest. I got up from there, but I couldn’t catch the point and ended the final match.

It is a season in which I realized that there are still many inexperienced points, but I would like to take advantage of this experience.

Comment by Yusuke Teshima

I would like to thank for all the cooperation, especially in Japan Post and HONDA.

It was the final match to win the championship, but unfortunately the goddess of victory did not smile.

However, as for the rider, the team staff also challenged to win the champion, and this might be a race because it was the result of doing all the power.

In addition, I am going to try to get the champion.

Thank you for supporting the 2018 season.

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