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2018 Asian Road Race Championship Round 6

  • 11/12/2018

2018 Asian Road Race Championship Round 6
Thai Chang International Circuit
November 30 (Friday) – December 1 (Sunday)

SS 600

#23 Taiga Hada
Qualifying: 18th
Race 1: 13th place
Race 2: 12th place
Series ranking: 11th place

AP 250

#88 Sethu Rajiv
Qualifying: 20th
Race 1: 13th place
Race 2: 15th place
Series ranking: 27th place

#81 Anish Damodara Shetty
Qualifying: 26th
Race 1: 22nd place
Race 2: 20th place
Series ranking: 31st place

2018 Asian Road Race Championship Round 6 Thai Chang International Circuit

The final game in Asia which was harder than expected

The Asian Road Race Championship (ARRC), which began in March, reached the final round of the series for the first Week in December this season. The stage is the Chang International Circuit in Thailand Buriram as well as the opening game. There are many long straight here, and other manufacturers show the speed in the SS 600 class.

Among them, the team and the rider worked on setting up the machine with the goal of doing the best. On the first day of the race week, there were three free practices as usual. But the first one, a mission trouble occurred, falling to the third lap. I can not run as I expected but it will be a late 20th largest lap.

The 2nd run was able to run normally, 1’40 “644 was on the 10th, but the 3rd was in trouble with a hole in the radiator, I was struggling more than anticipated with 18th place I could not extend the time It was.

On Saturday’s qualifying, I managed to get a one-shot time but I can not quite get off 1 minute and 40 seconds. I will give out 1 minute 40 seconds 374 at the end of the session, but it is a time late by more than 1 second from my best. Overall we did not have much time in March, but it was also a tough race weekend.

The weather was sunny through weekends, the heat increased day by day and the most severe heat on Sunday. Race 1 which was contested in 18 laps. Taega decided to start and raise the position to 7th on the second lap, but the symptoms of gear loss come out and it is the 15th place goal.

As a penalty was imposed on riders who ran outside the race after the race, they were upgraded to two positions and became the official result of 13th place. Machine was getting better, but I could not escape from more than five groups, and at the end of the race I checked the 12th place battle with three cars and I was a checker. I had finished fighting a difficult race.

Sethu Rajiv of the AP 250 class gained points in races 1 and 13 in race 1 and 15 in race 2 and declared the end of 2018 season. Anish Damodara Shetty has also received a checkered flag in both races.

A word from players

Taiga Hada

“It was frustrating that a trouble occurred on the first day and I could not bring it to a good flow from there. Although it became a tough race more than expected, I was able to finish fighting the season safely. It is thanks to everyone who supports this. Thank you very much. The 2018 season has been a difficult year, but there have been a lot of studies for that much. I would like to make this experience useful next season.”

Yusuke Teshima

“The final game was a tough fight, thanks to everyone who supported us, I was able to finish the season successfully. I really appreciate it. Participating in the Asian Road Race Championship, mainly Japanese riders, will be a single break, but we are building a team structure for the next season so we will contact you as soon as we are decided. I hope to develop Asian power while borrowing the power of Mr. Idemitsu and Honda to train Indian and the Asian riders for the past 6 years experience.”

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